Friday 7 October 2011


1) First a bit of a personal rant. I am incapable of reviewing films. I should go to hell and die!!! Rant over.

2) Trailers that I bothered to watch this week: My Week with Marilyn, about which I spoke about here. The other trailer was The Adventures of Tintin's international one. It looks really fun and exciting and seriously I can't be more excited to watch it. As I have said before, this year's animated films crop has been deplorable, and Tintin seems the only really special one. Rango was okay. Anyways, I just saw the Arthur Christmas right now, and loved it. I love Christmas films to death, and this one looks adorable. My absolute favourite Christmas film is also an animated one- The Polar Express, and yes I don't think Arthur Christmas will be as brilliant, but still I think it will be very warm and lovely. Besides James McAvoy is voicing Arthur so yaay!

3) So everyone knows about my undying love for Johnny Depp. And it is because of this true love and utmost devotion that I really hope he does a nice dramatic role next. I love eccentricity and Depp does play them characters brilliantly, but it's about time he gets his extremely deserved Oscar. You know what would be perfect- Leo Di Caprio and Depp should switch roles. My only problem with Leo since forever has been his overly serious choice of roles. And now Depp's choices are becoming predictable in their unpredictability. Some actors were born to play quirky roles like Bill Murray, but box office is not their thing. I think Depp should screw the blockbusters for a while, and do something nice and simple. I mean, do we really need another Tourist? I didn't think so. Maybe the Gilbert brothers should have some sort of reunion. Yes Leo will most probably get another Oscar nod for J. Edgar this year, but please. Nice and frothy already!!

4) In a totally non-film-related topic, Steve Jobs passed away today. He was a true visionary who has forever changed the world, something only a handful of people in all of human history has ever done. R.I.P. Mr. Jobs.

5) Finally, on a lighter note, I saw Drive again yesterday and loved it even more. I am half done with the review but please refer to the first thought here. Maybe I need one of these.


  1. The whole media collective at uni went into mourning for Steve Jobs :( We all use Macs here, and without him there would be no Pixar as we know it. RIP.

    I haven't had a chance to look at the TinTin trailer yet, but one of my friends is doing an animation course, and all the animation students are like 'Ahhh, the film looks so weird!!!!!" haha. I still reckon its cool :P

  2. Yea seeing it Drive made me love it even more as well. I think the first time, you don't really know what to expect so seeing it again makes you able to enjoy some of those previously unknown elements better. Looking forward to your review!

  3. @Ruth- *Gasp* No Pixar! We do owe him so much. And that was a nice thing to do. Nearly all my friends on Facebook had their statuses about him.
    About Tintin, maybe it's because it isn't a proper animated film for some reason I don't remember. I think it looks awesome and come on- Spielberg without aliens (hopefully), Peter Jackson, and Edgar Wright. I'M SO THERE!!

    @Castor- Yes it's amazing. My second viewing was interesting because I went with two female friends of my own age and the whole oestrogen level and Ryan Gosling driving and we went sort of nuts :D Too much fun! I am looking forward to my review too man :P

  4. Why, I know what you mean by being incapable of reviewing films... it can be a tough process. Kinda.

  5. This process for me is on loop. Thanks for caring and commenting though :)