Monday 10 October 2011

My Supers List

            I was going to make this list earlier, but had given up on it once I thought it was too late to make it or that I will never watch Green Lantern in order to make a legit list. However, that was my in-flight movie from Calcutta to Dubai, and then I bought the October issue of Total Film magazine later, which has a huge and well, gorgeous pic of Andrew Garfield a.k.a. my future husband, as Spiderman on the cover. So now I am without any excuses, and Spidey does look like some sort of a sign.

My Favourite Superhero Films of 2011

Note- I refuse to include films like I am Number Four or Spy Kids 4 or any such film which might have world-saving or supernatural abilities involved. They are weird and I don't like them. Also there are no superheroes. Just wanted to make that clear.

4) Green Lantern and Green Hornet -
The Green superheroes really sucked balls this year. I knew Green Lantern would be terrible from the trailer itself. There was the stupid purple alien, Blake Lively trying to look smart and Peter Sarsgaard with a Mojo Jojo-esque forehead. And it really was that bad. I got really irritated watching it on the flight. For one thing, everytime anyone called Ryan Reynolds "Hal", I went "Holbrook" in my head. It was very strange. And like someone said in Big Bang Theory, why the hell was yellow the colour of fear and green the colour of will? It all just seemed stupid to me. Though I will say this, Reynolds must have tried his hardest to make this not suck as bad as it did, and I applaud him for his efforts. That's the only good thing about this film (don't even get me started on pairing up purple and green together...somethings should best not be filmed).

In Green Hornet's case, I didn't think it was as awful as Green lantern, but it has to be one of the most disappointing films that I have ever seen. I really thought this one will be super special. Michel Gondry was making it, Seth Rogen was the proper non-superhero-looking superhero, Christoph Waltz was the baddie, Jay Chou looked cool. But then kaput! It was all so pointless and stupid and unnecessary. I just grew sicker and sicker of this film while watching it. It wasn't that funny, Rogen and Chou were annoying, Cameron Diaz was as good as not being there at all, and Waltz tried a bit, but it all just bombed. I thought it would've been like Kick-Ass last year, but it was just a big fat fail.

3) Thor-
I was quite unsure about this one. But it turned out fine. I wrote about it here. As said in my short review, I thought the effects and the story was nice, and what really lifted this film for me was Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I do love supervillains, and Loki was my second favourite this year. It was a fun action movie, an almost perfect summer blockbuster with humour and special effects and a good, relatively simple plot.

2) X-Men: First Class-
That, by the way, was one of the best scenes of the year. I mean not only are James McAvoy, High Jackman and Michael Fassbender sharing the same screen-space, Wolverine just voiced out the thoughts of the many McFassy shippers throughout Tumblr. Anyways, this film was gorgeous. Yes there were too many stories and not everything was tied up properly, but come on, I am a girl and this is a film that makes me think of the quote- "The stuff dreams are made of." The amount of man-candy in this film is preposterous. But even without that, this is an actual good prequel which was able to show the very brilliant relationship between Charles Xaviers and Erik Lehnsherr before they were Professor X and Magneto respectively. It also showed other origin stories of characters like Mystique and Beast before their grown-up blue years. And in case you were wondering, Magneto is my favourite supervillain/more-of-an-anti-hero-really for this year. This has also become my favourite X-Men movie till date, and really truly made me a fan of Matthew Vaughn.

1) Captain America: The First Avenger-
Now I really did not expect to love this film, and the superhero. He was so American and everything, and Hugo Weaving was the bad guy, so I was convinced I cannot possibly root for anyone else. But there was something very earnest and good about the way Chris Evans portrayed Steve Rogers/ Captain America. I think the only superhero I have ever really liked is Ironman, and that too because he is quite a mischievous and fun one. But Steve was such a darling, and so brave and out there to prove himself, without becoming annoying, that my heart went out for him. I thought Captain America was a really good film. The look and the period-setting was spot on, and made very cool with the gadgets and machines and stuff. Also I thought that the 'Star Spangled Man' montage, with the superhero being exploited before he is allowed to go out there and kick Nazi butt, was very novel. And it had enough action for my liking, which was one of the things I thought X-Men lacked. The story was a nice uplifting one and the supporting characters were great. I especially loved Haylee Atwell in this. She was so not a damsel in distress. Rather she was quite sexy and smart and held her own very well. Tommy lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper as Papa Stark, and Weaving were all very good too. Ofcourse Evans was the best, and proved my long-standing belief that he was born to play a superhero. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film, and as it surpassed my expectations by a huge margin, I think it really deserves the top spot in this little super list of mine.

         So there you have it. I wish there would have been ten more superhero films this year to truly show how much I hated Green Lantern and Green Hornet, but that's not really a good thing, is it? What do you think about my list? Anything you'd like to be different? How much are you looking forward to next year's superhero flicks (The Amazing Spiderman, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, Ghost Rider 2 *snort*)? Do you even like superheroes?


  1. Xmen sounds better every time I read about it. James McAvoy...

  2. It is good film and McAvoy is an excellent Charles. But, Fassy is the best in it, imho.
    Thanks for commenting :)

  3. My favorite of the year would have be Thor although I was left largely unimpressed by all the superhero movies this year. At least, Thor knew it was just fluffy entertainment.

  4. Really? I quite liked this year...maybe it's a girl thing. Thor was fluffy entertainment, but I thought Captain America really out-did itself.
    Looking forward to next year loads though. Thanks for commenting Castor :)

  5. My favorites are X-Men followed by Captain America. At first I thought... wait, where are the Apes movie? But then realized it's not about superheroes. I guess I just start thinking of all action movies.

  6. Yeah even I had that problem. I had to think a lot about which one I liked better, but I thought X Men had too many characters, and not everyone was not shown equally. It was still a lot of fun.
    Thanks for commenting :)