Thursday 6 October 2011

"Shall I be her?"

                       The trailer for My Week with Marilyn has finally been released. Marilyn Monroe is the inspiration behind this wee blog of mine. I have always been enchanted by her, obviously more because of her real life than her roles in films. Before Monroe was able to give any truly great performance as an actress, she died, and that too rather mysteriously. Her beauty and glamour that has transcended decades, her relationships with the many men in her lives, and the total enigma of what she was really, is what I expect to see in this film.

           I think Michelle Williams looks divine as Monroe, "the most famous woman on earth". Yes, she does still look like herself, but she is a fantastic actress and I think she will be able to capture the light-hearted frothiness and the sad loneliness of Monroe very well. I especially like the shots of her very blue, very gorgeous eyes. Eddie Reydmane is an actor who I got into when I saw this film called Like Minds because of an eternal favourite of mine, Tom Sturridge. Horrible film, but both these actors were quite a revelation. I like his lovesick and idealizing  character; I guess how the whole world saw Monroe will be sort of reflected by him. Kenneth Branagh plays Sir Lawrence Olivier and I expect great things from him too. I think Judi Dench looks adorable in this trailer, and despite her terrible wig, I am very excited for seeing what Emma Watson does post-Hermione Granger.

               If the film is made as well as what its potential looks like, I don't think I am going too far by expecting Oscar nods for Williams and the costume design, maybe even set design. I truly am looking forward to this film a lot. I think it will be quite wonderful.