Friday 21 October 2011


Really random, disjointed thoughts this week. Let's see if we can make any sense out of them.

1) I'm just going to start with the trailers. So what's with everyone and Tom Hardy in the This Means War trailer? He's cool, I get it. But come on, Chris Pine is awesome! And Captain Kirk. And the closest thing to Prince Charming we've ever seen (I like the Princess Diaries movies okay). But yeah, we're all totally going to watch this film for the plot. I personally am dying to watch it because it will be deadly hot, inspite of the total miscasting of Reese Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler (why is she even there?). Sherlock Holmes 2 and Woman in Black both have released their second trailers. Sherlock Holmes looks okay...I dunno. It might be nice, might suck...I can't really care much. On the other hand, Woman in Black has another good trailer out. The first one was incredible, for those who remember. The second one has more Daniel Radcliffe in it. I am really hoping the film will be great...for Dan Rad and just for the genre itself. Finally, on the topic of trailers, I have come to realise that I have become really nit-picky, or well using a more Bueller-esque word, snooty, when it comes to them. For example, The Raven. This came out a while back, but I just saw it. It's awful. The sudden, uninspiring start, the loud music, the psuedo-apocalyptic words appearing on the darkening sky, people talking in urgent voices- eugh. It might not be that terrible, seeing that I love V for Vendetta, and John Cusack's a doll, but eugh. Also, remember how last week I was talking about Tom Sturridge? The trailer of his new film Junkhearts came out. It is so freaking boring, that trailer. I really do not want to see this film because I am convinced that I will fall asleep, but then I won't let myself fall asleep because of Sturridge and I'll just end up with a gigantic headache.

2) So I was having this great movie-watching month, and I had this Halloween thing planned. But then my goldfish-like attention span and obsessive nature came in the way, as they always do. I started watching and am now addicted to Doctor Who. I mean Doctor Who is brilliance and bowties are super duper cool, but I have gotten distracted from my film-related goals and stuff. By the way, for those of you who think I am a major nerd for watching Doctor Who (like what my friends think), I must tell you that I like it for the same reasons I love Indiana Jones. Something about demented cocky heroic geniuses just makes me go "Va Va Voom!" Also the arch nemeses of the Doctor are these things called Daleks, which look like a cross between letter boxes and vacuum cleaners *cue sarcastic shudders*. Ofcourse I'll love the show.

3) I totally forgot to freak out about  Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman reuniting for a new film. YESSSSSSSSSS!! It is a political satire and it will star Joaquin Phoenix and I-love-what-she's-doing-with-her-career-save-that-Gatsby-film Carey Mulligan. Words cannot explain how much I admire Kaufman. I mean, forget John Malkovich, Kaufman's brain would be a wondrous place to visit. And I love Jonze too. Did anyone see the Scenes from the Suburbs short he made with Arcade Fire? It was interesting. I kept feeling like it was sort of the flipside of Children of Men in the sense that the world in it had a lot of young people and no grown-ups of any consequence, except the military folk.

4) A big shout out to Stevee at Cinematic Paradox, who is celebrating her/its 2nd Birthday today. She's ab fab! Also check out her 100 Favourite Films. Brilliant which does not make me feel completely clueless thank god. I am thinking about maybe doing this list, but it is so hard. Also see the goldfish-attention span above.

5) Did anyone see this? She looks fantastic.

Bye guys.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I'm torn over the This Means War trailer and it's existence. I mean, Tom Hardy is on a good roll this year with serious films like Warrior and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, so I don't know why he wants to do a rom-com with Reese Witherspoon. But Chris Pine is awesome!

    And yeah, Rooney Mara does look fantastic. She is so beautiful! Have you seen the rest of the photoshoot? It's bloody beautiful.

  2. You are welcome!

    Eh...I suppose this is a more money-making thing. Or maybe he just wants to have fun. Yes Chris pine is awesome and gorgeous and *pretty sparkly eyes*.

    Yes I did. It's not fair. :P