Friday 18 February 2011

"Everything ends. But there are always new beginnings."

        One thing that the great films of 2010 all have in common is that they justified the highly cliched saying "All's well that ends well". More than well; in fact the endings were brilliant. I have talked about how I love a film /book with good endings and that many a time the last line is all that separates from good to brilliant. So these are my favourite endings and also SPOILER ALERT!!

          Honourary Mentions- The King's Speech (Damn It- read note below) with Geoffrey Rush's face being the last shot, Never Let Me Go which is just so sad and beautiful, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World- classic example on how the ending somewhat ruins the film (except it's too epic to be possibly ruined).

Best Endings of 2010-

Those which can best be described by the following quote from the lovely Lewis Caroll- "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop."

        127 Hours- the last shot of James Franco's divine face as he looks on at the real Aron Ralston and his family, and the moral of the story of course "Never leave home without a note about where you are going" and we are made intensely happy at the thought that this man, with such an extreme tenacity for life, has not let his handicap come in the way of doing what he loves. It's the most uplifting ending of the year.

        I Love You Phillip Morris- The clouds, Jim Carrey's contentful smile and Ewan McGregor's loving look, and ofcourse the undying spirit of the conman and escape artist that is Steven Russel as he tries to breakout of prison yet again- all this comes together as the happiest ending because you know how Steven will never give up till he is with Phillip again.

         Toy Story 3- This was there in my favourite scenes list. The title of this post is totally apt for the ending of one of the best cinematic trilogies ever made. Our heart weeps (along with our eyes but you know what I mean) when two of the closest friends in the world- Andy and Woody bid farewell, but at the same time we know that there could possibly be no better ending. Those geniuses in Pixar really now how to surprise the public in the most wonderful and touching way, and Toy Story 3 is yet another proof of that.

And now those which totally express this quote by the uber-talented Bernardo Bertolucci- "I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is."

         The Social Network- It is the ending that everyone is talking about, because in reality the story is far from over. The last scene of the film shows the amazing Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Facebook founder Mar Zuckerberg, refreshing the Facebook profile of the girl who started it all- Erica Albright and waiting for her to add him back. It shows us that the cocky yet insecure Mark is finally going to stop "pretending to be an asshole" and will "refresh" his life also, and he does so exactly as explained through the info being shown simultaneously. And accept it- we love it.

        Black Swan- "I was perfect." Sure Nina, played by the exquisite Natalie Portman, was but the ending is deadly confusing. I actually do not think she died at all because if one watches properly (as I just did again), the mirror piece must have gone into her stomach atleast two dance sequences before and there is no way in hell she could have "controlled" it. Yet many do think Nina died, while if you are like me, you think it was only the death of the white swan in her, who as Thomas played by sex-god Vincent Cassel had foreshadowed early on- " death finds freedom."

         Inception- This is a whole psychological battle and that total fucking Einstein of a man- Christopher Nolan, has his lips sealed. Limbo or Reality? Cobb's dream or Mal's? And most important ofcourse- did the top stop spinning??????? I, for one, thinks it didn't and that it is Mal's dream, played by the deadly gorgeous Marion Cottilard, and Cobb, the fantastic Leo Di Caprio character, is the one stuck in limbo...and the children are only figments of his subconscious. This ending will be discussed for ages, and believe me many many many will fight over it.

      So keeping up with the theme, I will NOT end by asing what were your favourite endings?


       Oh the NOTE- I liked The King's Speech(Screw You!) but not anymore due to the absolutely uncalled-for attention it is receiving. A film like this releases every year and a year like this, when so many groundbreaking films released, something as generic as The King's Speech(Burn in Hell) barely deserves anything. The only saving grace of the film is it's cast though, but being the faithful biased person I am, that appreciation will slowly fade away. So from now on, to show my complete loathing of the film, I will add a little obscene term in front of it.

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