Tuesday 1 February 2011

"No toy gets left behind" ~ BEST PICTURE OSCAR NOMINATIONS, 2011- LEGO STYLE

       While the Oscar nominations have, as usual, pissed me off this year due to snubbings of Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling, Barbara Hershey, costume and make-up for Black Swan etc, I found the most adorable thing today on the Best Picture Nominations- Lego versions of all of them!!
      'Tis what I think:

True Grit (fun, but not that deserving- definitely not Best Actor material for Jeff Bridges)

Black Swan (deserving but perhaps a bit too ambiguous)

The King's Speech (If this wins...death)

The Social Network (most deserving)

127 Hours (really brilliant, but buzz-less)

The Fighter (good, but not the best)

The Kids Are All Right (same as above)

The Winter's Bone (strong leading performance but seriously boring as hell, and can only win if AMPAs decide to go uber small-scale)

Toy Story 3 (love! won't win though)

Inception (brilliance...if only AMPAs would go super cool and give this the statuette instead of a generic period drama)

      127 Hours win the Lego Oscars definitely!!

      Sorta looking deadly forward to and totally dreading Feb 27th (Feb 28th here), aka, THE OSCAR CEREMONY CUM BOARD EXAMS DAY!!
      Fingers crossed again!!!


  1. I really enjoyed King's Speech and would love Colin Firth to win the Best Actor, but Social Network is just the better film and if it doesn't win Best Picture then the world has gone topsy turvy. Was quite surprised to hear Tom Hooper won at the DGA. There is nothing revolutionary or spectacular about the film. Fincher for the win! (or Aronofsky, I'm not picky there...)

  2. The 127 Hours and Inception ones are the best! =D


  3. YAAY! I get excited when I see lego!

    Naah, I'd like to see black swan win - how often do you come across a movie like that? For the others, I felt the meat lay in the storyline but with Black Swan it was EVERYTHING. Oscars frustrate me coz im usually left screaming at my TV like its a football match.

    And how cool is it that they nominated Emma Stone for a movie like Easy A? Even social network's up (it's awesome), so they see commercial can still be brilliant. Nice to see the oscars lighten up even if just once. They're prolly too insecure to give em too many oscars though...