Friday 13 March 2015

Special Super Random Thoughts Post About Death and Disney

          Hi guys! Long time, no see etcetera.
          Okay so it's like 3:45 am here and I was in my bed trying to sleep but I couldn't because I was having my occasional thoughts about aging and mortality and about how I am going to age and then DIE one day and I was thinking of how I will be 70 years old in 2062 (if I don't DIE that is, duh) and then I thought about how Disney will still be announcing sequels then and now I am very confused about what to think/feel. I mean, does anyone else feel that Disney is going to be announcing sequels till the end of time? Isn't it weird/creepy?

         So yeah, I wanted to share that with you guys (I would have tweeted it but it's too long and did I mention it's 3:45 am here?).

         Also, since we're on the subject, here are my two cents of the Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo remake and Frozen 2:

1) Why, Tim Burton? Why?! Also dafuq, Disney? Dumbo is an extremely depressing and disturbing movie as it is and I can't even imagine the trainwreck this film will be. Tim Burton, you were meant for greater things!!!

2) I am not completely surprised that Frozen 2 is a thing but I swear, if it isn't about Elsa falling in love with her Disney princess, I am so not watching it! (Okay I am but still!)

        Sorry if this was a waste of your time, guys. Here's Chris Hemsworth's abs and also the rest of him to make it up :D

         I would also like to add that this blog is probably on hiatus till my exams get over in May (I may or may not post super random stuff like this so yeah, Idk). Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!