Saturday 11 February 2023

Favourite K-Pop Songs of 2022

I'm back! With this list! I hope to make some film lists too because 2022 was a great year for films, but you know what else was really good this year? K-Pop, obviously. It was also a very tumultous year for me personally because my beloved BTS went on a group hiatus. However, that did give me a chance to dig a little deeper into the discographies of other artists.

Honourable Mentions: "Love" by Monsta X, "Hype Boy" by NewJeans, "Opening Sequence" by TXT,  "Don Quixote" by Seventeen, "2 Baddies" by NCT 127, "Shut Down" by Blackpink, "1, 2, 3 Eoi!" by Mamamoo, "Sour" by The Rose, "Sexy Nukim" by Balming Tiger (Ft. RM), "Crush Hour" by Crush (Ft. J Hope).


"More" by J-Hope

NO ONE thought sweet, adorable, the personification of sunshine itself J-Hope had this song in him. While the darker theme is shocking, what is being said, or rather shouted, is very much a continuation of both BTS's and Hobi's own messaging and journey. The mix of rock and hip-hop is honestly thrilling but it's J-Hope's flow that's the star of the song (like it is in almost every BTS song).


"Heart Burn" by Sunmi

The first time I heard this, I thought it was nice but forgettable. Boy, was I wrong! The song gets stuck in your head and you find yourself humming it all day long. Also I’m pretty sure the music video is inspired by the wonderfully wacky The Love Witch so it gets extra points for that. 

PS. This entry is dedicated to my Sunmi fangirl friend, Sasha :D


"That That" by PSY Ft. Suga

The purest serotonin rush of last year was when Suga superhero landed into frame with an eagle cry announcing his entry, in the jubilant "That That". This song just makes one want to dance. It's hilarious, entertaining and catchy as hell!


"But You" by Ikon

This was an early contender for my favourite song of the year because it's very much made for me. The 80s pop feel, the desperate romantic lyrics, the absolutely gorgeous video- all catnip for someone like me. I also really loved the way the different voices switch and layer throughout the song, which help in creating its perfect dreamy atmosphere. A bop!


"Fearless" by Le Sserafim

This is hands down the most 2000s Bollywood sounding song of the year/decade, in a good way. It's pure nostalgia porn to me. Pre-teen Nikhat has danced many a dance on a song like this. Pure vibes. No notes.


"Still Life"/"Change Pt. 2" by RM

Your girl cannot choose. Honestly, picking just two songs from this album was difficult enough. On one hand, "Still Life" is poetic, artistic and the perfect amount of funky thanks to the delightful Anderson .Paak, and the video is a doozy. And on the other side, we have "Change Pt. 2" which just sort of stops you in the tracks with its beat and swag and Namjoon's immaculate delivery. Reportedly he was drunk when he recorded it, and that rawness gives the song an edge that's hard to talk about without fanning oneself.


"BTBT" by B.I. x Soulja Boy Ft. DeVita

Full confession- I have no idea what "BTBT" means or what this song is about. It just sounds incredibly sexy and hip and the dance video pretty much matches that feeling. The dancers are absolutely fantastic and this video is endlessly rewatchable.

PPS. This entry is dedicated to my B.I./Ikon fangirl pal, Getter :D


"Ditto" by NewJeans

I had been thinking about this list for the last couple of months of 2022 and was pretty certain about what my picks were going to be. Enter NewJeans with "Ditto" on friggin 19th December, who managed to almost obliterate the competition in one breezy, dreampop-y bang. The moment that first "Woo woo woo woo ooh" hit, I was completely under its spell. It's girl pop perfection, equal parts mesmerizing and wistful, and obviously an earworm to boot. The video is reminiscent of The Virgin Suicides with a tasty little twist at the end.


"The Astronaut" by Jin

Jin was the first member of BTS to enlist in Korean mandatory military service and it was a moment all of us in the fandom had been dreading for years. On the flipside, all of us were very excited about what his first solo venture would sound like, and "The Astronaut" was everything we wanted and more. Along with his besties Coldplay, Jin gifted us a gorgeous pop rock piece about love and farewells and promised returns. The music video is one of the most cinematic BTS ones yet, capturing the heartbreaking beauty of the song and Jin's worldwide handsome looks.


"Run BTS" by BTS

The moment I heard Yoongi's "Yeah yeah" backed by guitar riffs, I knew I was in for a ride. And it has felt the same way each and every time I have heard this song. The reasons I love this song are many of the reasons I love BTS itself. For starters, naming this song "Run BTS" which is not only the name of their hilarious and legendary variety show, but also a regular motif in their music (BTS's "Run" is an underrated classic) was fucking awesome! It is reminiscent of the hip-hop heavy tracks that made BTS so beloved in the first place, but it also exhibits their growth and expertise through each of the members' performances. The vocal line is the smooth and sexy counterpart to the rapline's fire verses. The lyrics is an ode to BTS itself, their hard work, their relationship but it also functions a call to action to themselves, which is almost poignant given their hiatus. The way the song feels like it could have only been made by BTS, the choreography hits you in the same manner! It is precise yet free, hard but cool. The moment the group's leader RM stands above them all, leading them and us, singing "Run beautiful, run yeah you gotta run" gives me goosebumps no matter how many times (and there have been many many many times) that I watch it. This is the BTS I love and adore and they're here to stay.

And that's all folks. K-Pop is becoming bigger and bigger every year so do list down some of your own favs! Byeeeeeee!