Friday 17 April 2015


     I know I said that I'm on hiatus but too much has been happening in the movie world and Twitter barely does justice to my deep, profound thoughts on them, and so here we are!

1) GOSLING FANGIRL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- So deep, yes? Anyways, not gonna lie, this was kind of the whole reason to make this post. The Gos has been sort of M.I.A. since Only God Forgives and, of course, it's been dreadful. This week he has answered all my (and, like, other people's. Whatever) prayers. First, the news broke out that he will star in his Disneyland buddy Guillermo del Toro's Haunted Mansion, which is awesome. Reportedly, this isn't as scary as Crimson Peak is, rather it's a supernatural family film (whatever that means). Next, it was reported that Gos and Emma Stone will replace Miles Teller and Emma Watson in Damien Chazelle's next, the musical La La Land. I was already really excited about this movie because of Chazelle and as much as I adore Teller and Watson, I am wayyyy crazier about the Gos and Stone, who have great onscreen chemistry together as seen in Crazy, Stupid, Love and even Gangster Squad. Plus, I have greater faith in their singing abilities. And then came the news that sort of pushed me over the edge. While everyone was losing their shit over the new Star Wars movie (yes, it's exciting but calm down), I had a massive freak out about the news that the Gos may be starring in the Blade Runner sequel. LIKE OHMYGODIDEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was an example of how coherent my thoughts were after I read about this). Normally, I wouldn't be this pumped about a sequel to a film that is as perfect as Blade Runner but the inclusion of Denis Villeneuve had already warmed me to the idea. Then came the Gos news and the thought of him as a blade runner or a replicant or anything really- FUCK YEAH! I can't wait. For any of these. All seem like really good projects and by directors who I already love. Yaay for Gos!

2) The Cannes Film Festival lineup was just announced and many of my most anticipated films of this year are on it like Carol, Macbeth, Sicario, The Lobster, Irrational Man and Mad Max: Road Warrior, plus other films that sound really interesting like Louder Than Bombs, The Sea of Trees and Mountains May Depart. There are also two Indian films entering the festival- Masaan directed by Neeraj Ghaywan and Gurvinder Singh's The Fourth Direction. As always, I wish I could go there and watch the movies but since that's not gonna happen, I hope these movies are good and I don't have to wait for forever to watch them.

3) Eddie Redmayne is in talks to star as Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie trilogy. I like Redmayne and I understand that he's hugely bankable right now and he would be good in this role, but after rumours spread about Matt Smith circling the role, I can't help but be disappointed by their actual choice. Sorry to go full Whovian-Potterhead head on you but Smith is such a Hufflepuff. He's already played a role that resonates with both children and adults alike and he would have been perfect! Also, Smith and badgers are already a thing :(

4) I am obviously dying for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and it's getting some really interesting reviews so far. One of the main reasons I will love this movie is its cast. Such crazy, awesome dorks-
Peter Pan :')

5) Trailers- Um, it's been too long to talk about ALL the trailers so I'll just talk about the ones I've been obsessing over for the past few weeks. Let's start with The Hateful Eight teaser. I love it. I think all teasers should be like this- actually teasing us by not blatantly showing what the film is about. I know there must be a hundred clues in the teaser which we'll understand once we've watched the movie but for now, it's just cool and bloody and fun. The new Star Wars trailer is pretty cool too. It has Han Solo and Chewbacca in it so yay for that. I just wish there was more Oscar Isaac because, well, duh. Ant-Man finally looks totally awesome. The new trailer gives us an idea of Ant-Man's powers which is good because until now, I was basically going to watch it for Paul Rudd's abs. I have declared everywhere that Mad Max: Road Warrior has my favourite trailers of all time and this one is no different. Goddamnit, I want this film in my life right now! Speaking of, how wonderful does Me and Earl and the Dying Girl look? I saw the trailer and I knew I would love it.  An older trailer that I really loved was of Slow West's. It looks like a really fun movie, which I wasn't expecting. Plus, the shot of Fassy sitting and smoking his cigar is my desktop wallpaper because, um, duh. Spectre is another trailer that's been out for a while which I really liked it. It looks stunning, though I wish Lea Seydoux was in it. The Suffragette teaser is a bit weird. The music is too loud and I'm not sure that #VotingMatters is the best way to promote a film. Dil Dhadakne Do is a new Bollywood film by Zoya Akhtar and it actually looks really good. I like its cast and dysfunctional families is a rare subject for a Bollywood film. Coming to television, True Detective season 2's teaser trailer is quite good as it doesn't really tell us anything about the story and because of Colin Farrell's mustache. Orange is the New Black season 3 trailer is even better. I mean, #SorryNotSorry is what I'm talking about, man! That's an awesome hashtag. Learn something, Suffragette!

6) Finally, Anna Kendrick spoke my mind when she tweeted this-
I mean...
God, I've missed this.

I don't know when I'll be doing this next. I should have a few posts up but I'm on a Mad Men binge atm so no promises. Bye all :)