Saturday 30 March 2013

1 Day to Doctor Who- The Doctor

        "I'm the Doctor. I'm an alien from outer space. I'm 1000 years old. I've got two hearts and I can't fly a plane!"

*Of course*, my most anticipated thing about the second phase of series 7 of Doctor Who is the Doctor himself. Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is my favourite incarnation of the legendary timelord and if it weren't for him, I would not have started watching and subsequently loving this show at all. Also, there are rumours going around that this may just be Smith's last series as the show's hero (DENIALLLLLL). It might be because of his all-important role in Ryan Gosling's upcoming directorial debut. Most unfortunately, this does feel like a possibility and in that case, this series has become even more crucial. Plus there is Doctor's big secret and all the Clara-ness to happen. And obviously, there is this factor.

And tomorrow, it begins...

Friday 29 March 2013

2 Days to Doctor Who- The Doctor and Clara

"You are the only mystery worth solving."

One of the key features of Doctor Who that makes it such a great show is the relationship that the Doctor has with his companions. There has been romance, both requited and unrequited, amazing friendships, rivalry and even a huge complicated familial relation, and I'm only speaking about the new Doctor Who series.

So what kind of a relationship are the Doctor and Clara Oswin Oswald going to have? If reports are to believed, they apparently have a Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn dynamic, which is a good dynamic to have. He is clearly intrigued by her, and she seems to have some great cosmic connection to him which is why she has found him in two episodes and in the prequel to "The Bells of St. John", the latter as a child. Now I know that the internet is irritated with the whole Doctor meeting his companions as children and then making out with them as grown-ups thing, but it was a rather adorable prequel still. 

As pointed out in my Clara post, there are several theories flying about who she really is, and this will obviously reflect on the relationship she has with the Doctor. I, for one, really want her to meet River because that would be a fun thing to watch :P

Also, I am already loving Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman together in interviews and stuff. They are going to be excellent!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

3 Days to Doctor Who- Clara Oswin Oswald

"Run you clever boy. And remember."

When the news of the departure of the beloved Doctor Who companions, the Ponds, was announced, I was pretty crushed and didn't think it was possible for the next companion to be able to fill their shoes because this was an incredible pair! However, with the first episode of series 7, "The Asylum of the Daleks", we got a glimpse of Oswin Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, who was to be the new companion. I was drawn to her immediately, with her sauciness and flirtation. I don't think I have ever liked a companion as quickly as I liked her. Even in the case of Donna Noble, I only truly fell for her in "Partners in Crime" and not "The Runaway Bride". Oswin died in that episode and we saw her next in "The Snowmen" (7x06), but as Clara, the barmaid-cum-governess. I liked even her more there, and she died again. I was as baffled by this as the Doctor was, but there is obviously something big at work here. 

She has been dubbed "The Impossible Girl". Who is the "woman twice dead"? Why is her birthday on the same date as Doctor Who's first broadcast, 23rd November? This is especially significant seeing how there is going to be the all-amazing 50th Anniversary this year on that day, as we can surmise by Matt Smith's reaction. All the theories flying about are either plausible or totally crazy. 
  1. "Clara Oswin Oswald" is an anagram "a window across all"- that actually sounds like a clue.
  2. There is also the fact that she seems to wear a lot of red, asks the Doctor to remember her, had snow in both her episodes- don't know how this will come into play. Red is apparently the colour of resurrection.
  3. People say she is Jenny, the Doctor's daughter- EW. She kissed him in "The Snowmen" you pervs!
  4. Or that she is the daughter of Rose Tyler and Ten 2. People are basing this on the fact that she seems to sorta regenerate and that the bar Clara worked in in "The Snowmen" is called The Rose and the Crown- again, this feels a bit incestuous to me and I don't think Steven Moffat is going to draw that much from Russell T. Davies's run.
  5. That she is Captain Jack Harness's daughter- um, that can make sense.
  6. River regenerated as her- no. She used up all her regenerations to revive the Doctor in "Let's Kill Hitler" (6x08). Obviously. Also, River will probably appear in the series finale.
  7. So Moffat spoke about her, the Doctor and River having some kind of a love triangle between them. Everyone in Tumblr is talking about the romance being between Clara and River instead which though appealing, is something I don't see it happening, sorry. Then again I cannot fathom anyone choosing anyone over the Doctor, unless that person is Rory Williams.
  8. Clara is allergic to the Doctor and hence dies at the end of every episode- this was *exactly* my theory. Also, I am Alfred the Great.
  9. She is CAL from "Silence in the Library" (4x08)/"Forest of the Dead" (4x09)- this can be logical in Who terms.
  10. She is the TARDIS- some of these clues *are* definite clues. Just have to know to what.
        These are some of the conjectures about Clara Oswin Oswald. We just have to wait and see which of these, if any, come true. And of course, who she is.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

4 Days to Doctor Who- The Doctor's Greatest Secret

         Doctor Who Series 7 has been pretty independent from the previous series so far. This is because of the focus on the last days of the Ponds and the new companion Clara. But the Doctor Who producers have said that the second half will reveal the Doctor's greatest secret, something the fans will never see coming. Now I am guessing this will have something to do with the main plot of Series 6 which was about a religious order named the Silence whose core belief is that "silence will fall" when the oldest question in the universe is asked. This question is *of course* Doctor Who? The Doctor faked his own death for this so it is a pretty big deal. Again I am speculating, but this will probably be towards the end of the series and may the thing that leads to the much-awaited 50th Anniversary show.

          Steven Moffat must be giving his all for this, so needless to say, I am really, really, really, really looking forward to this. Shit is going to go down people!

Monday 25 March 2013

5 Days to Doctor Who- Neil Gaiman

As I said yesterday, one of the best new Doctor Who episodes has been "The Doctor's Wife" which was written by the renowned sci-fi fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman. I have actually read quite a few "Best of Eleven" lists with this episode topping them because it brought the Doctor in contact with his 'Sexy' TARDIS for the first time ever. The episode was beautifully funny, spooky and touching.

This is why when it was announced that Gaiman would be writing the penultimate episode of series 7 called "The Last Cyberman" "Nightmare in Silver", I got v.v. excited. Steven Moffat has told him to make the Cybermen "scary again" which makes sense because I find Cybermen super dull. Gaiman is going back to Classic Who for this and apparently incorporating everything of and about these aliens since the 1960s. We will also see inside them. Warwick Davis to star.

Sunday 24 March 2013

6 Days to Doctor Who- Journey to the Centre of the Tardis

"You will go to the heart of the TARDIS. You will see more of the TARDIS more properly than you’ve ever seen it before." 
- Steven Moffat, Head-writer

As a fan of the wondrous time-space machine called the 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space' or TARDIS, I can't wait for the episode named "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" (7x11). 

The very first Doctor Who episode I watched, "The Eleventh Hour" (5x01), had Matt Smith's Doctor clambering out of the TARDIS claiming to have fallen in the swimming pool in the library of the TARDIS. Ever since then, I have been very curious about this "bigger on the inside" police-box. 

Also, one of the best new Who episodes that I have seen, "The Doctor's Wife" (6x04), had the TARDIS being a woman who is called "Sexy" (obviously)- 
"She's a woman and she's the TARDIS."

The Doctor's longest companion has been his TARDIS, and I think it will be very interesting to see some of its interiors properly, even though we won't be seeing the Doctor's bedroom :(

Saturday 23 March 2013

7 Days to Doctor Who- Monsters

Elliot: Is it monsters coming? Have you met monsters before?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Elliot: Are you scared of them?
The Doctor: No. They're scared of me.
- "The Hungry Earth", 5x08

Guess Who's Back?

8 Days to Go.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Thoughts and FYCs

1) The LAMMYs are here, folks! Here is my banner-
If you would like, please do vote for me in these categories. You can see my blog's design and this is a Weekly Thoughts post. As for Funniest Writer- Q: What is red and smells like blue paint? A: Red paint. *drops the mic and walks away*

The entire Eligibility List is out and I would be checking them out soon. However, I already know that two blogs that I will be voting for a lot are And So It Begins... and Cinematic Corner. Alex Withrow is a shoo-in for the Most Knowledgeable Writer. Dude has watched every movie ever, seriously! And though Being Norma Jeane is in the Best Design category too, Sati's site is, and this is probably the highest praise I can give to anything, the Ryan Gosling of blogs. It's gorgeous! Also, I am conflicted between Alex's "In Character" thingies and Sati's "Visual Parallels" for Best Running Feature.

2) Anyways, getting back to film world, Steven Spielberg was in India recently and is thinking about making a film about the India-Pakistan-Kashmir conflict. Woah! A part of me thinks it will be brilliant and a part of me, i.e. the part that remembers Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom only far too well, is scared. That was one ridiculously inaccurate and racist film and was saved only because Harrison Ford is a god. One of the names being thrown about for the Bollywood cast of the Kashmir film is that of Anushka Sharma, which is awesome because she is a wonderfully charismatic and beautiful actress who can actually act- a rarity in Bollywood. I guess I do want this to happen. Also if Spielberg comes to Calcutta, I'm sooooooooo stalking him.

3) Jane's Got a Gun. I don't really have anything funny to say about that. I don't need to. *drops the mic and walks away*

4) Ryan Gosling is apparently taking a break from acting. RUBBISH, I TELL YA'! Yes, him directing How to Catch a Monster is the single-most awaited event of my life right now, but still. He's an amazing actor! He can't talk all this crap. In the meantime, some stills from his upcoming potential epic, Only God Forgives have been released.

5) Speaking of, my ovaries explode and go to heaven at 7:32 in this video-
This film will be the death of me. It's going to be really experimental though, so I am a tiny bit scared too.

6) TV talk- Season 3 of American Horror Story will be called American Horror Story: Coven. So witches it is, and glamorous ones at that. Can't wait! Bates Motel started this week and it wasn't half bad. Freddie Highmore's face is really weird and distracting, though not in a good way, but he was pretty creepy as Norman Bates. I thought Vera Farmiga's Mrs. Norma Bates was exactly like how I had imagined her to be, except she's obviously much prettier. Girls, thankfully, had a pretty great season finale. Was anyone else reminded of Manhattan's Isaac Davis when Adam ran across Brooklyn streets to Hannah? They are both completely insane romantic gestures if you think about it.

7) TrailersDespicable Me 2 looks fun enough. You know, I would really like to have some minions. THE BEST STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS TRAILER YET! As much as I love Kirk and Spock, I am definitely going to end up siding with Benedict Cumberbatch's villain. I know it.

8) Oh and have you guys been listening to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. It's absolutely fantastic. Everyone in it is doing a great job, with special props to Scottish king, James McAvoy and the angel of voices, Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, I did just write that. It's allowed because it's true).

9) New header and sidebar pictures. YAAY!

10) Finally, Matt Smith wants to be a Bond villain. I don't know if he's menacing enough to be a main villain, but he can be like a side-villain and fight Q. I would really, really, really like that. So would, it seems, Sir Ian McKellen-
Would not mind sharing Matt Smith with him one bit. Nope.

Please vote and adieu!

Thursday 14 March 2013


Hello people! Another week, another thoughts post.

1) MOST IMPORTANT NEWS EVER of the week- THE NEW SHERLOCK SERIES WILL START FILMING NEXT WEEK! ZOMG! I have been waiting for this so long that it almost feels unreal. The actual show will obviously air next year so our stars aren't *that* lucky. But man, o man, so effing excited! Benedict Cumberbatch has also let it leak that there will indeed be a fourth series, though when the hell that will happen is something I am almost frightened to speculate about. Also THIS. Idiots.

2) Michael Fassbender has dropped out of Lynn Ramsay's Jane's Got a Gun. This is unfortunate, but Jude Law is joining instead which is great because it will be a reunion with his Closer-costar, Natalie Portman. Law won't be actually replacing Fassy's character. Joel Edgerton, who was already in the cast, will be now playing the role intended for Fassy and Law will in turn play Edgerton's former character. Fassy on the other hand, has joined the Sin City sequel, which is the reason why I rewatched the movie last week despite my qualms against it, or rather the ickiness of it. The things I do for actors I worship.

3) Sequels everywhere- There are talks about a sequel to the Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz the Great and the Powerful (which you can hear me talking about in The Matineecast). I knew this will happen. But apparently Sam Raimi isn't going to be directing it. I liked Oz, but I really don't see a point of a sequel. Speaking of, Danny Boyle wants to make a sequel of Trainspotting with the original cast. WHY?! That film is perfect. Leave it be. And I know Ewan McGregor will definitely come back because as amazing as he is, he isn't the most discerning of actors when it comes to choosing good roles (I'm looking at you, Jack the Giant Slayer). A sequel I am actually excited about is the one to Tintin, which is a film I loved. Peter Jackson will be directing this one and it is said to release in 2015.

4) Christopher Nolan will be directing a huge sci-fi film next called Interstellar. Nolan's one of the few filmmakers who can make a massive blockbuster without insulting anyone's intelligence, and the synopsis thus far sounds really cool- "The film will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding." Can't wait!

5) Trailers- A really good week. I already spoke in detail about The Bling Ring teaser, which has made me v. excited indeed. Another trailer that I have been watching on repeat is of Much Ado About Nothing. This too is one of my most anticipated films of the year and I think it looks excellent. The Hangover 3 just may not be awful. We'll see. Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited looks brilliant. Apparently this film has a more Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown vibe, so yaay! Look of Love has a really good cast and I absolutely adore Steve Coogan. Kick-Ass 2 has a red-band trailer out. This might be really terrible, but seeing how fun the first one was and the inclusion of Jim Carrey in this, I am still looking forward to it a lot. Finally, the latest teaser of Star Trek Into Darkness is the best one yet and Cumberbatch looks ahmazing!

6) Finally, Joaquin Phoenix in The Adventures of Superboy (1989)-

:') Bye.