Thursday 30 October 2014


Noirvember is coming and the Chicks with Accents are celebrating! But we need your help this time. We've shortlisted a neo-noir from every decade since the 60s and you get to pick the one we talk about in our next episode.
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In the meantime, you guys can also check out our latest episode on our favourite horror films.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Month that was- September

         Helloo people! September hasn't been a very great month for movies although I did watch two excellent new TV shows. There hasn't been much blogging either (I totally skipped writing my Blind spot review even though I had watched the film). I'm just not very inspired to write currently (this post is more than a week late...). I have far too much reading to do. Final year of college, you guys. I hope you all understand :S

1) Edge of Tomorrow- Heyyy this was so much fun! I should put a poster of Emily Blunt's "guns" in my room to inspire me to work out.
2) God Help the Girl- Aww so cute. Though the film did feel like an extended music video at times, I thought it was nice enough and gosh, I LOVE the costumes in this film!!
3) Night Moves- I liked it more in retrospect. It was v.v.v.v. slow while I was watching it.
4) Begin Again- I thought it was v. sweet and it made me feel happy.
5) Greenberg- I really liked it. It would have been pretty bleak were it not for the poignant performances by Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig.
6) Beau Travail- It's like watching a performance art piece mixed with some sort of Greek drama, yes? I was quite blown away.
7) The Class- I thought it was brilliant! Funny, raw, affecting, tragic and so real.
8) Maps to the Stars- Make no mistake, this is a batshit crazy film, but oh my god I was entertained! Especially because of Julianne Moore. She just gave it her all!
9) Great Expectations (1946)- This was for a class presentation. It was alright.
10) The Rover- It was much more engaging than I had expected it to be. The story sort of falters and is a bit confused, but really good performances. I did not think Robert Pattinson had this in him.
11) Obvious Child- Oh I loved it. A smart, modern, and v. human romantic comedy. There's nothing better in the world.
12) Aguirre: The Wrath of God- This was my Blind spot entry. I will probably write a mini review of it with October's entry. I liked it but it was v. strange which made it even harder for lazy me to put a review out.
13) A Vow to Cherish- Don't worry if you've never heard of it. No one has. This was a movie shown to my year in the Value Education class we all have to attend. All I want to say about it that I gave it a -1 out of 10 rating. Yeahhhh... I mean, has a movie ever made you contemplate committing suicide/murder? Who knew that was even possible? Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!
14) The Maze Runner- I actually liked it and not just because they made Dylan O'Brien wear really tight t-shirts (although that *did* help. 4 for you, Costume Department! You go Costume Department!). I was engaged from beginning to end and I was not expecting that at all.
15) The Adventures of Huck Finn- College made us watch this too. I swear to god, everyone in the audience was sooooooooo entertained and found it hilarious, EXCEPT me. I still don't have any clue why the fuck were they laughing so much! Some people even cried. This one made me contemplate whether I am in fact dead inside. But no. It was just such a stupid film, with some of the most jarring background score I have ever heard in my life + Elijah Wood was an even bigger pain in the ass in this than he was as Frodo. Who knew THAT was even possible? Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
16) What If?- Thankfully, I had this to wash the awful taste of dear ol' Huck from my mouth. I loved it! It was so sweet and smart and everyone was adorbs in it. Ily DanRad. Also Harry Potter > Frodo.
17) The Commitments- I thought this film was fantastic! It was v. funny and god, I loved the music! I've been listening to it ever since.
18) Alien 3- For the upcoming podcast episode. It was better than I had expected actually, mostly because my expectations were so low. The last act was mostly awful though.
19) Lilting- The performances were lovely but I found the story lacking. Andrew Leung is a beautiful man.

1) The Lunchbox- It was my in-flight movie. I still love it loads.
2) The Maze Runner- It was my brother's birthday and he wanted to watch it, so I went. Less impressive second time 'round but that's maybe because I saw it twice too soon?
3) Se7en- For the upcoming episode. It's a perfect film.

TV shows:
1) Broad City, season 1- LOVE. I love this show so much already! It's soooooooooooooo funny! Just amazeballs.
2) In the Flesh, series 1 and 2- LOVE. It's such an affecting show. I am usually not that huge a fan of zombies but my god, the way they have used zombies to show things like alienation, discrimination, extremism etc., I am so impressed! Can't wait for series 3!
3) Teen Wolf, season 4- What an uneven season. I hope this whole season was like a glitch because I don't know if I will continue with Teen Wolf with another hot mess like this. Even Dylan O'Brien and his arms could not save it. a) Favourite episode: "The Benefactor" because of how cool it was to see the world through our resident banshee, Lydia's eyes. b) MVP- Melissa Ponzio's Mama McCall. In a show about teenage supernatural creatures, it's the human adults which stand out the most. Notice a major flaw here, Teen Wolf? c) Favourite quote- I just love listening to the two Stilinskis converse.

Sheriff: "I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?
Stiles: "Hang on, what?"
Sheriff: "Because if time traveling is real, I'm done, I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House."
Scott: "We found him like that."
Sheriff: "Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?!"
Stiles: "No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Aztec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake."

3) Masters of Sex, season 2- I really loved this season. The first was more about the study, which was fun, but this one was about the relationships that have been affected by it. Sure it took some time to find its footing but I guess that's closer to what happened in reality. There is such tremendous acting that is going on in this show and it also looks incredible. a) Favourite episode- "Fight" which was one of the finest hours of television I have watched this year. The limited setting that lets our two leads truly explore each other, mind and body and broken past and everything else in between. Amazing. b) MVP- Just about every actor in this show finds ways to break my heart (special mention to Julianne Nicholson) but Lizzy Caplan just continues to astonish by her acting skills. I think she's phenomenal. c) Favourite quote- Just so inspiring.

Libby: "Maybe that’s the key, to let go of some ideal. To live the life that you have, not the life that you thought you would have. To finally just accept what is."

Final tally:

                                                Firsts: 160                                  Rewatched: 46
                                                                        Total- 206

         Um, yeah so that's it. No promises on what to expect in October or really, the rest of this year. It just is what it is.