Saturday 29 October 2011


I'm so sorry I'm late. I was packing, then travelling, and then I was tired from travelling, hence could not make this post in time. Thoughts:

1) James Cameron really is re-releasing Titanic in 3D. I had been hoping this was a far-fethched rumour, like the one about Titanic 2 in which Jack comes back as he really was not dead but preserved in an iceberg à la Captain America, but nooo. Cameron is a greedy greedy man. Approximately 4 billion dollars is not enough, is it? This will be horrible. If it fails to look good, it will ruin people's memories of this wonderful film (I love it okay, you L.A. Confidential people must calm down). If it succeeds, can you imagine the tears?! Oh my god. I mean, why? Why? WHYYYY??!!

2) Hailee Steinfeld is apparently going to play Juliet Capulet. Twice. The first one, as previously announced, is in the actual story where she is Juliet, Burberry model Douglas Booth is Romeo and Ed Westwick is Tybalt (excellent choice, in my opinion). In the second one, she's been offered the role of the heroine again but logically should not accept it. It is a retelling of the story from the viewpoint of Romeo's ex (bahahaa!) Rosaline. Romeo will be played by James Franco's younger brother Dave Franco, whose existence I was not aware of until quite recently, and Rosaline will be played by Deborrah Ann Woll, who is fantastic and gorgeous and plays one of my top 3 True Blood characters (see banner for another favourite) Jessica Hamby. I don't know, or rather care about the other two, but Woll will be a brilliant choice.

3) Bollywood Bitching of the Week/Month/insert time period here: I saw Shahrukh Khan starrer Ra.One this week. Oh the agony! Anyone who reads this blog and remotely cares about Bollywood films, read this review as the author feels exactly the same way I do. I do really respect the ambition, but the fact is that the film was as painful as they come. I can only explain it by first shedding a bit of light on the Bollywood blockbuster trend that is going on for the last couple of years: Salman Khan, who is another of the big Khans of Bollywood, made a film called Dabaang, which was this totally cheesy, action, silly-yet-awesome one-liners-packed bonanza, like the B-grade films of 70s and I thought it was a pretty unique film and actually did enjoy it. But ever since then, all the films are trying to copy its style. Or the South-Indian style, which has these sudden close-ups and just inane slapstick comedy, but that only works for the South-Indian films. There's Rajnikanth there, who, well to explain it to non-Indians- Chuck Norris is the American Rajnikanth, but less cooler. It is fun watching those films, but it is irritating watching every other film made in the same stupid fashion. I honestly thought that SRK would not follow this fad, but yeah, he did. And it sucks. Also, the director Anubhav Sinha may well be called the current Michael Bay of Indian Cinema.

4) Trailers: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has a nice-ish trailer out. I totally forgot that this film is releasing this year. We see a bit of Anil Kapoor there, so go India! And it has shots of Dubai, which is my almost-land (I lived in the city next to it, Sharjah, but my school was in Dubai). Woo hoo! Angelina Jolie's directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey has released a trailer. I think it looks pretty impressive. It is about war and love during the war, and despite the over-used formula, it doesn't look sappy or depressing so much. A new Dr. Seuss animated film The Lorax has its trailer out. It is happy, as one expects from a film based on Dr. Seuss stories. I love that it has Betty White. Since I bitched so much about SRK and Bollywood films in this post, it is only fair to show the trailer of his next film Don 2, which was the best part of watching Ra.One. You can see the influence of films like Mission Impossible there, but believe me this is a great trailer (the sound is a bit off, but this was the only one I could find with English subtitles). The first one was a pretty awesome film and I really hope they manage to do it again. I am a huge SRK fan, and he really shows his King-of-Bollywood status in this trailer.

5) By the way, do you think I should make Bollywood trailers a regular feature too? I myself don't watch that many trailers anymore, so I promise to put the ones of the films which I am actually looking forward to.

6) I don't know why I find this funny, but I do. I think I live for the day when Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost complete their Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy/ Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy.
So scared.

I promise I will be on time next week. Bye.


  1. Love your Thoughts post! First of all, this Titanic in 3D is just another excuse to make money!The only worthy scene of seeing it in 3D is probably the sinking one!Second of all, you should talk more about Bollywood, I got introduced recently to it by a friend and it looks interesting. Oh, and Simon Pegg's picture is hilarious!

  2. Why not, a Bollywood feature or something like that would be cool.
    Even though we all know what Titanic 3D is all about, I think I'd watch it, because it's my only chance to ever catch it on the silver screen.

  3. @Aziza- Thank you! I know, but can you imagine how horrible it would be seeing people plunging to their deaths like at you?!! :O *shudders*
    I am from India, so Bollywood is innate to me. That being said, I've started to sort of grow out of it in the last few years. I will write whatever I find interesting.
    Simon Pegg is brilliance.
    Thanks for commenting:)

    @Mette- I will try and make it as regular as possible. Maybe not weekly, but a monthly or bi-monthly feature is definitely something I can look into.
    I saw Titanic in the theatre. I was five and it is my first proper memory in a theatre, and the way I remember it, the place was packed and people were mesmerised. I mean I have like a beginning of Moulin Rouge image in my head for the film. It will be interesting to see how I react this time, I must confess.

  4. I actually hear that Titanic in 3D is quite fantastic from some folks who have been able to see some previews of it over at Paramount studios. I'm not really interested in seeing it again but that's food for thoughts.

  5. I thought it would be great, but I don't know. More than anything, I don't want to sit in a movie theatre crying my eyes out. But it is food for thoughts, yes.

  6. I know she's a child and all, but really Hailee Steinfeld sort of annoys which I sort of feel bad about but - eh, whatever.

    And, come one, we all know that that ship cannot be stopped. Imagine all that snobbery in 3D, it would seem like you could actually reach out and slap Billy Zane.

  7. I liked her in True Grit, but I get what you mean. The only child actor presently I really like is Elle Fanning, and Abigail Breslin too sort of because I will never get over Little Miss Sunshine.

    Slapping Billy Zane does not seem like a bad idea... Haha, imagine if someone had never seen it and was told that they all get saved in the end or something and they watch it and BAAM! Tears for lyfe! It is snobbish, I agree.
    Thanks for commenting :)