Saturday 2 May 2015

The One Where I List Men With Hot Beards Because Of Reasons

        So I'm going to preface this post by saying that this has nothing to do with films or TV or things that aren't hot, bearded actors. It's just a random post that I have made for my satisfaction and it's dedicated to my friend Anna

        If you guys follow us on Twitter, you would have come across the almost daily conversations between us about attractive, male actors, 'cuz that's how we roll. Buzzfeed made an idiotic list a few weeks back and Anna suggested I should make something in response to it and this is it- equally idiotic but more accurate imo. 

         So the first 20 actors here look infinitely better with some sort of beardy-scruffy-stachey (actual term that exists) thing going on and I have photographic evidence to prove it!

Chris Evans
This whole list is because Buzzfeed had the balls to put him in that list. LIKE ARE YOU BLIND, BUZZFEED?! (I realize that Buzzfeed is not an actual person but come on!!)

Jamie Dornan
As awful as Fifty Shades of Grey was, my biggest issue with it was that Chistian Grey was clean-shaven (yeah okay, I have issues. Whatevs). I mean, half of Dornan's sex appeal lies in his beard.

Chris Pine
The man who single-handedly/beardedly started my obsession with hot beards. #scruffygod

Ryan Gosling
I find every Ryan Gosling hot- even the one in Lars and the Real Girl or when he's balding in Blue Valentine- but the hottest Gosling is scruffy Gosling,

Michiel Huisman
I don't know how else to describe it but I find his beard romantic. I mean, he's good-looking or whatever clean-shaven but with a beard, it makes me think of being whisked away on a horse

Tom Hardy
Hardy himself said that he looks cuter with a beard. I would go with hotter/sexier/everythinger but yeah, okay.

James McAvoy

Jake Gyllenhaal
He was originally on the other list but no, he looks better with a scruff.

Idris Elba
Classic example.

Daniel Radcliffe
I look at the first one and I go "Awww." I look at the second one and I'm like "DAYUM!"

Mark Ruffalo
Classic example #2.

Chris Hemsworth
The second one looks like he could be the sexiest man alive. The first one, not so much.

Jean Dujardin
Sexy Frenchman beard.

Chris Pratt
Yes, all the Chrises are in this list.

Ranbir Kapoor
He was on the other list too but again, he fits better here.

Michael B. Jordan
I think he looks kinda terrible as Johnny Storm tbh. So much cuter with facial hair.

Hugh Dancy
He just looks like such a child in the first picture.

Steve Carell
I realized in the middle of award season how attractive Carell looks with a scruff. Wit and scruff, amirite ladies?

Ben Affleck
No, I don't really find Ben Affleck hot but the beard hides his stupid butt chin! It makes all the difference in the world.

Ranvir Singh
Ew I feel gross just including him but in spite of myself, I am attracted to the second picture. Ew ew ew!

       And now for 5 actors who are equally hot no matter what. Bastards.

Michael Fassbender
He is never not hot.

Vincent Cassel
He was in the first list originally but then I rewatched Black Swan and goddamnit, this man can get it! Also, a bit of Lea Seydoux for additional hotness!

Henry Cavill
He's easily one of the most beautiful men on this earth, facial hair or no facial hair.

Tom Hiddleston
I can't choose.

Benedict Cumberbatch

AND I'm done! Please don't unfollow me because of my shallowness!!


  1. Ooh, so that's what Huisman looks like clean shaven. *thinks it over* Yep, I'd still bang him.

    In regards with the second list, I'd throw David Tennant on there because COME. ON. Some men should not be that attractive. (Stupid sexy Scotsman...)

    All in all, good list and thanks for dedicating it to me.

    1. So would I but, I want the beard!!

      I would have put Tennant in this list if we were talking about head hair, for sure :P

      You are welcome ;)

  2. I mean, half of Dornan's sex appeal lies in his beard. - I AGREE!

    The only thing I might disagree is Cumberbatch, I don't like him shaven that much on that picture. :D Also RDJ with a beard !!! ALSO Jeffrey Dean Morgan with a beard and without a beard!! And.. omg.. I think I broke myself.

    1. Right?!

      Haha I really can't choose. He seems to lose years when clean-shaven. It's kind of mesmerising. I don't really find RDJ hot. I think he's cool af though. Forgot about JDM. My bad.

  3. This is how you cope with earthquake trauma?...

    1. I thought about replying with something witty but honesty is the best policy, so YES.

  4. AnonymousMay 04, 2015

    LOL, beards...they make us all look better :-D

    1. Not all of us... I would look pretty bad, I'd imagine.

  5. Aditya BMay 04, 2015

    Looking at this reminded me that Graham Norton has a beard now LOL. Any thought on his beard?

    1. Oh, some people should definitely not keep beards and he's one of them *shudders*

  6. Hahaha I love this list! That buzzfeed list is straight up idiotic. Beards transform baby faces into rugged men! A shaved face single-handedly decreased a sex symbol's hotness in 50 Shades! A beard makes Steve Carrell look sexy!

  7. Ha, I LOVE the title of this post! :P

    1. It took me a while to come up with that so thanks :P

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