Friday 18 May 2012


          Ahoy there mateys! No it's not Talk Like A Pirate Day, I'm just being weird. I recently found out that Wednesday is called Hump Day. That sounds very R-Rated. I know I'm not one to speak as I, very innocently I might add, indirectly sort of dropped the c-bomb in the last weekly thoughts post to describe a character from Game of Thrones :P Now I don't use that word in real life, it was just a reference to how another character described him, and the poster was from Tumblr. I do use the f-bomb, but that is because it's a great word. I'm going to try and make this post as kid-friendly as possible, just for the fun of it.

1) So Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen also dropped out of Django Unchained, following JGL's exit. What is wrong with these people?! I would put my life on hold just to be the garbage thrower on this set. You get to be around Quentin Tarantino and see a true genius at work. Gah. If anyone else leaves, I am going to start sending hate mails. Obviously that doesn't mean actual mail; I'm just going to think about it really hard and send negative vibes to them, like how I've been sending to the Academy ever since Tom Hooper won Best Director and doubly so since they completely and criminally ignored Harry Potter.

2) Something the Academy did do right was give Aaron Sorkin that Oscar for The Social Network. Now he is going to adapt Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. They couldn't have chosen a more perfect person. This is the proper Steve Jobs film, and not the Ashton Kutcher hippie one. Now on to the casting of the legendary Apple creator- I really can't think of anyone. Noah Wyle played his younger version in the made-for-television film Pirates of Silicon Valley, which I haven't seen, but he seems like a very good choice. But seriously, my mind is blank for this. It will be interesting to see who they choose. Jesse Eisenberg was inspired casting for Mark Zuckerberg, so let's hope they strike gold again.

3) David Yates won't be directing Your Voice in My Head. So weird. I was almost getting somewhat excited for this (it still sounds too weepy). The biggest reason for that was the inclusion of Stanley Tucci as the main male lead, opposite Emma Watson. Tucci needs his big role, so I hope he stays and they get a good director.

4) Clark Gregg, who played the uhmazing Agent Phil Caulson in the Avengers movies, is set to star in the next Jason Reitman film Labor Day. Yaay! I'm a huge Reitman fan and love all his films to bits. Gregg will be joining Kate Winslet (!) and Josh Brolin. The plot revolves around how Winslet's character and her son pick-up a drifter, played by Brolin, on Labor Day, who then turns out to be an escaped convict. Reitman's films are great dramedies, with unique characters, so it will be interesting to see what he does here.

5) The Lammys are going on in full swing. I have already nominated people. My favourite part though are all the excellent banners which can be seen here. I only just realised that my Weekly Thoughts are a regular feature since they happen every week more or less, and were eligible for Best Running Feature. Ah well, there's always a next time.

6) Trailers galore- The Gangster Squad, which despite its amazing cast and premise, looks a bit fishy to me, I don't know why. But yaay for the Gos doing "sexy time" with the Stone. What does look great is Argo which is Ben Affleck's next directorial effort. I love the whole idea of it... it looks funny and serious and engaging. There is the four-minute preview of The Amazing Spiderman which has a clip at the start and the rest is the trailer from earlier. I am not liking the look, or the sound, of this film at all. I hate the unnecessary loud rock music. One of the many reasons why The Avengers worked so well was because it didn't blow up the ears of its audience. Poor Andrew Garfield- at least he has his Tony nomination. There's Maniac's teaser trailer, in which Elijah Wood, with his big blue eyes, plays some kind of a creepy serial killer. It looks quite interesting, I'll give it that. The king of the trailers this week is not of a film, but of the one and only, fang-tastic True Blood Season 5! Woohoo! Eric Northman is back y'all, in period costume too.

7) All of my tv shows have ended or are ending. Curses! This is why I didn't used to watch so much tv- now I don't know what to do. All the season finales were great- The Vampire Diaries (yes I watch that, don't be alarmed) has the best season finale ever. Damon Salvatore rocks my boat! New Girl was as adorable as ever- especially loved the part when Zooey Deschanel tries to be the roadrunner. And then we have Parks and Recreation, where I cried when Leslie's dream finally came true. The only show that can make me laugh and cry effectively. Also Leslie Knope is a great role model, and I think the only one I have that my parents will approve of. Otherwise there are people like April Ludgate, Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, Mavis Gary from Young Adult, almost all of Allison Janney's characters, and Wednesday Addams of course. Game of Thrones has three more episodes left... it's getting very exciting. I didn't know the guy who played Theon was Lily Allen's brother! He's so ugly though, as are most of them. It's not a very good-looking cast, but quite a striking one. Once this gets over, I'll have to wait for True Blood. I love the new poster, as I love all of its posters. My favourite was the "cup of Joe" one- so witty and disturbing, just like the show. Also Doctor Who has a minisode out next week. It's those script-to-screen ones which are bound to terrible as they're written by kids, but yaay- Matt Smith! Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have officially finished their tenure as the Doctor's companions and will be be sorely missed. Tears everywhere.

8) Finally, I love this-



  1. He is Lily Allen's brother? Woah, I had no idea! He ain't pretty but he is doing really good job with his character. The only reason I'll see new TB season is for Pam, the show got so far from the books and so ridiculous in recent season I barely got through the last episodes. Awesome news about Reitman and Winslet teaming up, I'm sure it will be a great film.

    1. He is doing a very good job. He apparently took over from Daniel Radcliffe in Equus. So yeah, he's a good a actor.

      I haven't read the TB books. I actually loved the last season but mostly because of ASkars as bimbo Eric. Pam is a great reason to keep on watching though :P

      Yeah I'm sure it will be a great film too.

  2. Fantastic? You should be lightly punished for that.

    Maybe they walked out because of the subject matter? Who wants to act in Inglorious, but with slavery? Who wants to say the n-word 100 times like Tim Roth in Hoodlum?
    There are summer shows, movies, and of course BOOKs. Avail and entertain yourself :-)

    Good luck, my fellow Lammy-nom!

    1. Fantastic fantastic FAANNTAASSSTTICCC!!! Muahahahahahahaa.

      Pah. Everyone wants to be in it- and it won't be Inglourious with slavery- it will be completely original.

      Yes I know they are there, but I have ruined my habit with all these tv shows :'(

      Thanks :D

    2. Damn auto-correect! I swear I typed fang-tastic, which is a pun so bad it reaches British levels of dire punnery.

    3. Oh right. I thought you meant fantastic was the f-word. Fail comeback.

      Regarding fang-tastic, it had to be done. I'm sorry. I cannot resist a pun, good or bad.