Friday 16 March 2012


1) Trailers- Let's just delve right into it, shall we? I sort of feel like writing an ode to Eva Green à la Angelique Bouchard after watching the Dark Shadows trailer. Never thought it was possible for me to write or even think this, but this trailer has too much Johnny Depp *gasp*! I was kind of expecting it to be a Michelle Pfeiffer fest, because I love that woman. But what it lacks in La Pfeiffer, it makes up with Green's sex-crazed witch-goddess act. I can't help but like the intro to the 70s with the music and the lava lamp and the "Reveal yourself tiny songstress!" Also I have a good feeling that I will make HBC my newest role model after watching the film- I love that voice and that attitude. Chloe Moretz is getting annoying though, and after watching the Addams Family movies this week, I wish she would have been a tad Wednesday-esque. On the whole it looks good-ish, slightly funnier than what I expected. I really hope Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer all succeed in this. God knows they, and I, need it. The other big trailer this week was On the Road's, which I already somewhat discussed here. There is also Now is Good starring Dakota Fanning and certified pretty boy Jeremy Irvine. It looks like it will be depressing, but nice still. I like Irvine in the leather jacket so I will probably see it (shallow people be hailed!).

2) Rupert Grint will star in The Drummer, a film about the last years of Beach Boys' drummer Dennis Wilson's life. I am so glad that the trio are getting acting jobs after the end of the Harry Potter series. As expected, Emma Watson is most in demand and Daniel Radcliffe too is lining up roles, mostly thanks to his awesome personality, but I was quite skeptic about Grint's ability to land roles. But thankfully, this kind of role seems perfect for him. He will play a mail-room intern who befriended Wilson. Wilson will be played by the always-brilliant Aaron Eckhart. Also joining the cast is the amazing Vera Farmiga as Fleetwood Mac singer Christina McVie and mini-Jessica Chastain only in terms of ubiquity and nothing else, Chloe Moretz as Wilson's daughter.

3) Speaking of in-demand fourteen year olds, Elle Fanning will play Sleeping Beauty opposite Angelina Jolie's Maleficient, in Disney's Maleficient. I am all for this. I love both these actresses, and post-Oscar-leg, I think Jolie would be deliciously brilliant in this role. I want to say that I can think of an actor who would do the Prince role well, but I don't know. Maybe Logan Lerman? Or what about Matt Lewis? He's totally hot now, even though there is no chance in hell either of them will be able to hold their own in the presence of Jolie.

4) I have been watching a lot of sitcoms this week. Well not a lot, just Bored to Death and Parks and Recreation. The former is witty-ish and the cast is nice, but it isn't really that funny. Or maybe I haven't yet reached the part when it gets good. The latter is fantastic, and by that I do mean me-falling-on-the-floor-and-rolling-like-a-potato-sack-and-laughing-and-crying-hysterically fantastic!! I want to be April Ludgate. I know I'm pretty late to this party, as it takes me a long time to get to TV shows, but boy am I glad that I have arrived!

5) Finally, following the Dark Shadows chain of thought, and the unending anticipation for The Avengers, I give you this-
Catwoman > Ironman.



  1. I love it whenever Stop Crying your heart out greats me into your blog :)
    I am happy Rupert Grint is getting more roles, can't wait to see him on screen!
    The GIF with Avengers and Dark Shadows is fantastic!
    On the road is coming soon...AAAAAAA!

    1. Oasis <3
      So am I. I hope he does well.
      Haha, well tumblr is a fantastic place.
      Yes it isssss!!

  2. I loved DT trailer and I agree about Moretz. She has now starred in two movies I loathe - Kick Ass and Hugo and she is becoming a little bit ennerving, she has that vibe "I'm so awesome" without actually being awesome. Fanning being in Maleficient is just ingenious, I can't wait for that movie. And I love Parks and Rec, such a funny show!

    1. I liked it. Hehe I actually love Hugo and Kickass, the latter largely owing to Moretz role in it. But as she is growing up, she's getting such cocky and weird, and just how you described her.
      Yes I can't wait for Malefecient either.
      I am addicted to Parks and Rec!!

    2. As someone who has followed Chloe Moretz closely for more than a year, I can assure you that she is quite the opposite of cocky, extremely down-to-earth even. Maybe you're taking some of her characters' traits and applying them to her.

    3. I have liked Moretz too. Maybe it's just the transition from child actor to teen actor that makes me think so. But I haven't written her off or anything :)