Saturday 10 March 2012


I am sorry I am late again. Okay thoughts.

1) So I introduced my younger brother to Ghostbusters this week. And he loves it! I feel proud. Also, he has declared that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the greatest villain of all time. Good stuff.

2) Woody Allen will be starring in John Turturro's new film, Fading Gigolo. This film will also star Sharon Stone and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara. I'm pretty psyched. I find the whole idea of neurotic and nervous Allen conversing with loud and occasionally incoherent Vergara incredibly hilarious. Also I love Turturro, though I haven't seen any of the films he has directed.  

3) Pictures and posters- Johnny Depp's next two films have pictures out. First there is Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. It looks cool (Miss Pfeiffer is the SHIT), but I'm scared to expect a lot. In all fairness I have never not liked a Burton film except Planet of the Apes (I'm terrified of that one). But I was watching Edward Scissorhands last week, and both Burton and Depp together had so much potential then, and they seem to be just wasting it. Especially Depp. Gah!! His other film is The Lone Ranger, which also has Armie Hammer. It's so obvious Johnny Depp would be wearing a crow on his head. He needs to do something toned down and brilliant. He is one of the greats. It's about time he shows that again. Then poster-wise, we have the absolutely lovely Moonrise Kingdom. I had this Matt Smith black and white photo as my desktop wallpaper for about six months since it has the weeping angel and the Ood head and the bow tie and Matt's incredible bone structure etc. and I couldn't find anything to replace it with. But the poster has done it. It is so beautiful and childlike and romantic. I am completely in love with it.

4) I saw American Horror Story this week. It started out terribly. I hate it when things jump around in films and tv shows. I need a flow in things, or I get annoyed very quickly. Thankfully the show picked up its pace and started focusing on things. I really liked Jessica Lange in it, and Zachary Quinto was a pleasant surprise. Taissa Farmiga is really pretty and perfect for a Sofia Coppola film (her next role). Finally I'm in love with a ghost (Tate <3). This always happens. I'm looking forward to the next season in which everything will start anew. I like it when that happens because I generally cannot watch TV shows as they tend to drag on forever.

5) TrailersMen In Black 3 which is starting to look decent-ish, though I can't really imagine Andy Warhol being an alien-fighting secret agent. Ice Age: Continental Drift has a trailer. Now logically speaking, how is it possible for the same group of animals to survive the Ice Age, the end of Ice Age, whatever the hell happened in the 3rd one (was it dinosaurs?) and now breaking up of the continents? Did it even happen this fast? I'm sorry but this is all I can think of. I don't hate these films and enjoy then adequately (I always cry at the end of the first one), but enough. Brave's Japanese Trailer is awesomeness itself. I almost want to watch it in Japanese now, but I love Scottish accents. Finally people will get off this film's back and stop comparing it to How to Train a Dragon. Pixar FTW.

6) Speaking of Pixar, an artist named Kyle Lambert has made a series of paintings entirely on his IPad, mashing up Toy Story and Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining. It's pretty rad and well, makes one look at the cartoon film in a whole new light.

7) Finally, the Scorsese drinking game has gotten pretty famous. Let's hope we can start a new trend.
I like how I get excited by all this, even though I come from a family of teetotalers.

Okay byee.


  1. The John Turturo movie looks interesting and the cast is very cool, I will keep an eye on it!
    I really want to see American Horror Story soon, too, I've had it for a long time!
    The LOTR drinking game is hilarious: if someone would do that, they would drunk after 20 minutes

    1. Oh, AHS is one of my all time favorite shows already. It's so bizarre and surreal and Farmiga is so awesome, she definetly has the same talent Vera has. And Lange, my God! <33

    2. @Diana- Yep, the cast is pretty cool.
      AHS is fun. Try it when you can.
      And yes they would.

      @Sati- I won't say it's one of my favourite shows already, but it is quite entertaining. Farmiga is lovely. And yes, Lange be hailed!

  2. I'm desperate to do a LOTR marathon and that drinking game's just given me a whole new reason! I think just having a drink evertime Frodo and Sam have an intimate moment would get me to Middle Earth pretty quick!