Friday 6 January 2012

It's That Time Again...

The Oscars are coming folks!

It's funny though why they thought of putting Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox in the video is beyond me.  I was thoroughly deceived the last time round, but Billy is a safe bet I suppose.

(Also sorry for not putting up a Thoughts post this week. Everything's going a bit slow at present... hopefully I'll be back on track soon-ish).


  1. I love Billy Crystal, I'm sure he will be great, but it looks like their trying to redeem themselves with the safest bet.

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  3. Heheh, Vinnie Jones!!!!
    I'm looking forward to the Oscars this year - I just hope Crystal doesn't let us down. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I'll be at uni and won't be able to watch live because of the time difference :( I can't really afford to miss my lectures this semester.

  4. @Maria- I love him too. Harry Burns! They definitely are... but they sort of need to after last year's Franco-fiasco.

    @John- I'll think about it. Thanks.

    @Ruth- :D I don't think he will... he's got a good history. That sucks man. I've had years of waking up early in the morning to see the red carpet and the opening number, and then going to school for an exam as it's always at that time. I've only seen it properly live for the last 3 years, and I hope I will this year too. I hope you get to see it :)

  5. Last year a bunch of us were sitting at our macs in class and every now and then someone would randomly shout out a winner as the imdb page got updated, haha.

  6. That seems like fun. God Tom Hooper winning must have been a communal blow, yes?

  7. Pretty lame trailer but I'm certainly intrigued more than usual by the actual field of competition this year. I will probably watch this year because of that, not because of the hosts or whatever tweaks they have made.

  8. I was kind of excited by Billy Crystal in it, I won't lie. But putting Duhamel and Fox there... 'cuz obviously Transformers is such an Oscar bait!
    I know- great competition this year. I'm pretty excited.