Sunday 15 January 2012

Film Makers who make Me want to be a Character in their Films

       This can be considered as film makers who I wish could direct my life, but the truth is that my life is wayy too boring and lackluster for them. Instead, I want to be one of the brilliant characters in their films, because then I would be awesomely quirky or drop-dead gorgeous or super smart or deliciously badass.

Honourable mentions: Steven Spielberg except I really only want to be Indiana Jones, Peter Jackson but not anyone from Heavenly Creatures or The Lovely Bones (the only PJ films that I have seen are the aforementioned and LoTR films), P.T Anderson but not really (no Daniel Plainview for me), Richard Curtis so that I can get charming, funny, handsome, brunette, blue-eyed British men or Hugh Grant.

The list (not in any particular order because I cannot choose)-

Sofia Coppola
Have you seen the women in her films? I would be oh so beautiful and lovely and mysteriouzzz then. (See how I ruined that? I need help Sofia, please).

Wes Anderson
I wanted to marry the recently released Moonrise Kingdom trailer. Quirky, fun, flawed, brilliant- basically characters as colourful as his films.

Quentin Tarantino
Do I really need to explain this? I would be a total BAMF, that's why!

Edgar Wright
All the films he has produced/directed/written have one thing in common- insanely epic characters! They are uber violent AND they tickle your funny bone- YES!!

Woody Allen
Uh duh. It's my list. I crave to be a nervous bumbling knowledgeable depressed narcissistic brilliant person. Some one get me a psychoanalyst please!

Billy Wilder
Whether it be comedy or noir, the Wilder characters are always incredible and unforgettable.

Tim Burton
Yes so his popularity and genius is apparently deteriorating now. But Burton was the king of morbid romantics. His characters runneth over with eccentricity. 

John Hughes
Because I am still a teenager and yes I do wish that he had directed my life.

Now someone please go find me a magic lamp.


  1. Haha, I would love to be in a Tim Burton film. I would also love to be in a Jean Pierre-Jeunet film (Amelie and MIcmacs - so delightful!)

  2. Good idea for a list and nice choices, I'd definitely have Richard Linklater and Kevin Smith on my list!

  3. @Ruth- I actually did think of Jeunet but I have only seen Amelie from him.

    @Pete- OOh great choices! I've only seen Clerks from Kevin Smith but I sort of feel right at home, or rather want to, with those characters.