Monday 16 January 2012

Everything is GOLDEN GLOBES and Nothing Hurts

except maybe the lack of Ryan Gosling and his dapper suits :(

This is a special edition of mid-week Thoughts post, just for my new favourite Awards show- The Golden Globes.

1) So I wake up at 4:45 am to see if it is coming on the telly. It is not.
2) Usually I wake up earlier to see the red carpet, but I didn't because there are guests in my house and my alarm is super annoying.
3) I really liked what Charlize Theron and Tilda Swinton were wearing.
4) Anyways, after around half an hour of frantic and curses/whining- filled live stream search, as soon as I gave up all hope, I found a nice live stream. As a result I missed Best Supporting Actor and Miss Globes. The former was Christopher Plummer, which even though I was supporting Albert Brooks, is nice. I mean it's an adorable old man playing and adorable old gay man. Miss Globes is Andie MacDowell's daughter.
5) I just have a feeling that one of these days I'll get up and Suri Cruise will be Miss Globes. Okay not really.
6) This is when everything gets mixed in my head- I saw Sherlock's season finale after that okay. That show... :'(
7) Ricky Gervais was not all that bad this year, was he? I didn't think so. And I think this time the presenters were armed with comebacks.
8) So anyways, Globes made me happy because- Woody won! Scorsese won! Tintin > Rango!
9) George Clooney was so much fun- that cane :D
10) Also his jokes about Fassy's massive um... golf club was hilarious (I don't think we've heard the last of this) and made even more awesomer by shark teeth.
11) I was really happy that A Separation won also, though man did those people look bored! It was one of the moments when the stream froze so I didn't hear everything. Same thing happened with Jean Dujardin.
12) Speaking of, he reminds me of a European Don Draper. The Artist won loads of stuff, and so did The Descendants. So I suppose these two are the big contenders this year.
13) I like how much people just enjoy the Golden Globes, and that's exactly the kind of awards they give. Screw the pretentious! Maybe it's my Bollywood-ness seeping through, but I like that Madonna got an award, and that royalty is always served first- for example Queen Meryl and next-in-line Kate Winslet.
14) Streep totally butchered Mia Wasikowska's name, didn't she? But atleast she mentioned her. She's the ruler of us all! Also Michel Hazanavicius has a pretty cumbersome name.
15) Glenn Close didn't win anything for that Albert Nobbs. Hehehehe. Janet McTeer is really pretty in real life.
16) War Horse didn't win anything either. Hehehehehehehehe. Why did Michele Pfeiffer have to present that? LAME.
17) Morgan Freeman IS God. That was sweet. Elton John was so distracting for everybody.
18) I hated Paula Patton. Even the darling Melissa McCarthy looked positively pissed at her over-excited act.
19) So Octavia Spencer is a lock? Or will the Chastain Express come in her way?
20) Idris Elba looks so much sexier with a beard. I saw one episode of Luther on a flight, and I sort of liked it.
21) Reese Witherspoon was such a pageant contestant. I really liked Michelle Williams's speech.
22) Seth Rogen was funny. Kate Beckinsale's woodenness was no match for him. JGL's bow tie was adorkable.
23) Modern Family won! Woo hoo! That's about all I know from the television categories.
24) My favourite award was Woody Allen winning for Best Screenplay. I'm clueless- does Woody come to award shows? Hasn't he gotten those lifetime achievement awards already? If no, isn't it about time?
25) If they put musical numbers in this, it will most definitely become a Bollywood award show. Obviously they are never live, and this whole live streaming thing wouldn't be that big a hassle.
26) My biggest complaint obviously was that there weren't any Harry Potter people, except for Bill Nighy, Helen McCrory and Kenneth Branagh and I think someone else though my mind is going blank. REPRESENT!
27) Then again I didn't see any Twilight people either, so it's a minor save.
28) They should nominate Sherlock. Please. Anyways next year The Hobbit is bagging everything. Martin Freeman, my love.
29) Seeing Rooney Mara just sitting there, I realise one thing that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's promotional team lacks is the charm and goofiness of Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer. They made last year's award season so much fun.
30) Ryan :'(


  1. Heheh....I laughed so much at when Seth Rogen presented. And at Clooney when he stole Brad PItt's cane.

  2. Great write up! I agree with: the dresses of Tilda and Charlize, Streep acknowledging Mia, the Michelle Williams speech, Jane McTeer is, indeed, very pretty, the comebacks from the presenters. Now, George Clooney is something else- yes, he is charming, but is it bad of me to say he is TOO charming? let someone else get the awards, please- like, let;s say, Michael Fassbender? :)

  3. @Ruth- I know right. And Angelina Jolie's face was all plastic (though I love her).

    @Aziza- Thanks. It's one of those sleep deprivation-induced posts :P
    This is the Globes- Clooney is royalty. They probably have separate rooms and wine for them. Fassy didn't stand a chance here. But honestly, I saw The Descendants today itself and it is a very worthy performance still.