Saturday 14 February 2015

"This is like Spike Lee saying he's white."- FAVOURITE EVERYTHING ELSE OF 2014

          Okay since lists are awesome and I am a lazy ass, I am going to give you guys a condensed but hopefully fun version of these other "Best of 2014" superlatives. My favourite Performances and Films are yet to come but this is, as the title says, everything else :)

  • ScarJo in Under the Skin and Lucy- Both very different yet completely effective types of sexy. ScarJo is basically a sex goddess and we should all worship the ground she walks upon.
  • Wallace in What If- It's funny and adorable DanRad being funny and adorable. Ovaries = Obliterated.
  • Hot Saxophone Player in Ida- I don't care what his name was. He made a to-be nun horny AND he plays the sax *fans herself*
  • Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy- Because there weren't enough shirtless scenes.
  • Jerome in Nymphomaniac, part 1- I really did not want to find him attractive but the way the present him, hands and all, I couldn't help myself. Also, I feel like that's tmi but I needed to explain this one.
  • Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Tadashi in Big Hero 6- Because HELLO hot animated characters!
  • Rita Vratasky in Edge of Tomorrow- Because look at those biceps!
  • Mahabir in Highway- He's a truck driver who wears a lungi aka the fugliest item of clothing in the whole wide world, and STILL manages to look hot.
  • Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive- Marlowe wanted to use him as inspiration for Hamlet. And he's a rockstar. And he looks good naked.
Sexiest Character of 2014- David in The Guest
Yeah, so I made this list so he could top it, *obviously*. The filmmakers deliberately objectified him. I mean, come on! And it's not just the body but also the eyes and the voice. Yeah okay, I get that he's like a lean (oh god, soooo lean!), mean, killing machine but nobody's perfect.

  • Dave Skylark in The Interview- He's such an idiot but god he's hilarious.
  • Anna Morales in A Most Violent Year- She had me at "This was very disrespectful." *swoons*
  • Donna and Nellie in Obvious Child- I adored both of them. Yes, Donna is more fun but Nellie is so no-nonsense.
  • M. Gustave in The Grand Budapest Hotel- Both delightful and heartbreaking.
  • Bobo, Klara and Hedvig in We Are the Best!- Because they remind me of the kind of friends I have had, but with mohawks.
  • Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy- I never expected that he'd end up being my favourite but I just get his sense of humour. He's fucking badass.
  • Detective Rhonda Boney in Gone Girl- I had found her super annoying in the book but Kim Dickens brought such humour to the role. Plus, she's efficient and I like that.
  • Batman in The Lego Movie- Best. Batman. Ever.
  • Rani in Queen- I just think we can be best friends, that's all.
Favourite Character of 2014- Eve in Only Lovers Left Alive
Okay another bit of information about me none of you want- I really wish I was a vampire. I think they're cool as fuck and Eve might be the coolest, nicest, most magical one ever. I love that she's not jaded because of the amount of time she's lived on earth, rather she's constantly amazed by things around her. It's a beautiful quality to have.

  • Gone Girl- I love each and every casting decision made for this film. They are all perfect for the roles they play, big or small.
  • Calvary- The first time I saw it, I couldn't stop gaping every time a new totally excellent Irish actor popped up. This film has Mad-Eye Moody, Roy from The I.T. Crowd, Littlefinger and Bernard Black- if that's not awesome, I dunno what is.
  • Pride- The film is such a collaboration. No one really outshines anyone else because everyone is so lovely.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy- I always love the ensembles Marvel picks out and last year was no different.
Favourite Ensemble of 2014- Birdman
Everyone is just soooooo good in this film! Sure, I have my favourites but all the actors did fantastic work in the film and they all get their moments to shine.

  • Eleanor's hair in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby- I have such a crush on that hair. It's gorgeous.
  • Food in Chef- No explanation needed.
  • The tank in The Interview- *in a valley girl accent* Uhh, it plays Katy Perry.
  • The hotel in The Grand Budapest Hotel- How I wish it was real!
  • The blood goblets in Only Lovers Left Alive- Has blood ever looked more delectable? (Don't answer that, please).
  • The hot sauce in Top Five- If you've watched the movie, you know what I'm talking about. I cried laughing.
  • The clothes in God Help the Girl- I just want all of them. Even James'.
  • The cheekbones in Maleficent- #cheekbonesgoals 
Favourite Object of 2014- the Train in Snowpiercer 
A world inside a train. Of course, it isn't a very good world and I don't particularly like the train or what it stands for but I loved what they did with it. The way it reveals itself was one of the greatest joys of watching this amazing film.

Favourite Quotes of 2014
(The first one is my #1 and all the others are in random order.)

Phew, that's a lot! Do you guys have a favourite or sexiest character or most loved object or ensemble or quote of last year? What are they?

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  1. Scar-Jo is on a roll. 2014 proved that she is right now, the best actress working today. Scar-Jo 3:16

    1. She is amazing. Can't wait to see what she does next.

  2. I like the look of that deliberate objectification. Oh, love the quotes!!

  3. lololol "Hot saxophone player." I don't remember his name either. I love these lists! Great post.

    1. Who cares about his name? He's hot!
      I'm happy you've enjoyed these lists :D

  4. Love this post! Yep, David sure was hot. I kept hoping Anna and him will hook up but for some reason these chicks are reluctant to drive off into the sunset with these hot psychos.

    1. Thanks!

      I am like 99% sure I am going to fall for a hot psycho because of films like The Guest. Oh well.

  5. What a fine post! M Gustave is great. He's such an ass and such a gentleman at the same time. He's also so wonderfully likable. It's a fine performance...

    I'm also a huge fan of Kim Dickens as Rhonda Boney (why is it with characters in the film have porn-type names? Tanner Bolt?). I strongly suggest you check out Zero Effect - it was made back when Ben Stiller was always funny, and she has an excellent role there.

    I've tried to watch Nymphomaniac twice and I just can't do it. Ultimately, I just have no interest in what a self-hating messed up a-hole like Lars Von Trier has to say about sex. The man can't manage a healthy relationship with himself (or probably anyone else), so the odds that he has any wisdom to convey on a subject I find so important? Not high...

    1. Thank you! M. Gustave is lovely.
      I will check out Zero Effect for sure. And haha, great catch on the porn names :P

      I get that. Well, the first one at least was really entertaining. The second one would have been good if it wasn't so self-hating but I like how comprehensive his whole exploration of the subject is.

  6. Epic post! "Not quite my tempo" is, like, the best quote of the year. And the mentions for the Calvary ensemble and We Are the Best! characters are wonderful!

    1. I've decided to use "not quite my tempo" for any film I don't understand. It's too good :')


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