Monday 15 December 2014

Kiss Me Stupid

        Every year The New York Times celebrates some of the best performances of that movie year with cinema-themed shorts. To the best of my knowledge, they've always done shorts around single actors like the one using movie lines or the only-actresses one. This time 'round, they've chosen movie kisses as their theme and this one might be my most favourite yet. I really think so much of acting is about reacting and so it's great to see these actors work together. Also, the whole concept reminds me of the ending of Cinema Paradiso which is one of the greatest movie endings ever!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Reese Witherspoon
 Swoon! God, even Edgar Wright wants a full movie about Witherspoon's Barbarella and Cumberbatch's Zorro. Make it happen, Hollywood.

Laura Dern and Steve Carell
It's sooooo funny! I think the funnier ones were my favourites and this one is definitely there. They're adorbs.

Jenny Slate and Rosario Dawson
Awwwwww. Again, I will watch an entire film about both of them, even if it is just them partying all night.

Chadwick Boseman and Kristen Stewart
This was a bit meh but god, so much energy from Stewart!

Patricia Arquette and Jason Schwartzman
Lolwut? I'm so happy Schwartzman is in this list btw. I really hated Listen Up Philip but the performances in it were so great.

Timothy Spall and David Oyelowo
My favourite one! It would be my favourite based on the way Spall fixes his tie at the end alone.

Shailene Woodley and Jack O'Connell
Aww this one was sweet. These two should totes come in a movie together btw. Both of them are such natural performers.

Julianne Moore and John Lithgow
Does anyone else think that Moore is getting hotter with age? She's like my role model. This one was so much fun. I want to go dancing with both of them!

Miles Teller and Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Gosh, Gugu is one stunning woman. I really like their pairing too. It was beautiful.

            I want someone to make a 200 Cigarettes type movie (but better than that, obviously) with all these actors and all these story lines. I would seriously watch it and probably love it.

Do you all look forward to these shorts every year too? Which one of these is your favourite? Does anyone else miss Rosamund Pike in this list?


  1. Second to last and the last one are some great works in terms of me wanting it to actually happen on screen.

    1. Yeah, those are great little story ideas.

  2. My favourite was Moore and Lithgow, that was just great (apart from the curiously empty nightclubs... I guess they only wanted the two of them on screen?). I also agree with the 'meh' on Boseman and Stewart, but they both did well. I'm so happy Stewart was featured in these, outside of Twilight, she really is a very good and natural actress.

    1. That's the one I have rewatched the most except the Jack O'Connell one (for obvious reasons :P). Everyone else in the club just left because they couldn't handle the awesomeness hehe.
      Yes, I am very impressed with Stewart's work in 2014.

  3. This was an interesting idea, but it does seem like an odd awards campaign strategy for the actors. Oyelowo/Spall and Woodley/O'Connell were my favorites. I'd also like to see the latter do a movie together.

    1. This is true but I like it a lot!
      Those are my favourites too :D I would pay good money to watch a film with Woodley and O'Connell as leads.