Tuesday, 16 December 2014

This is a Poster-Appreciation Life- 2014 edition

          This was a great year for movies AND posters. I have pointed out some bad/boring posters in the past but I'm not going to do that this time because there are soooooooooo many good ones. I've tried to categorize them the best I could. Also, I have chosen posters from 2014 movies only so no The Hateful Eight yet, y'all.

Enjoy :)

Teasers Gotta Tease- Many of the teaser posters this year were vastly superior to the official ones. Why can't people just go with these?
The hint to what made the film so unique was always there in the teaser posters. And the one in the middle that came after Comic-Con is awesome as hell.

Gone Girl
Let's be honest, all the Gone Girl posters more or less sucked. Remember those weird "BELIEVE" ones? However, these teaser posters were very clever and fun.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
I just love how smart the concept of these are. There's a Wolverine one too but these are better.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1
The Panem propaganda posters was an excellent piece of marketing by the promoters. And the creepy whitewashed one is the right kind of disturbing.

It almost looks like a kids drawing but then we see not just the kiss in the foreground but all the nudity and a blowjob in the background. I love it.

It's just so wistful. The other posters of the movie are almost as good.

It's a pity that the film got such bad reviews because this poster seems to say so much. I love the colour palette.

Not only is this striking to look at, it's also perhaps the most mysterious poster of the year.

The colours, you guys. This film was uber cool and the posters show that.

Guardians: Teaser + Official + Fanmade
The tagline in the teaser kind of won the round but I still love how epic the official poster looks.

I couldn't make this list without mentioning these fanmade posters which are some of the best I have seen all year round.

Fanmade fare: Speaking of fanmade, I have to include these gorgeous Korean posters for Mommy.
I love that they chose to make one one with that shirt in it. It stood out so much in the movie.

Birdman Cometh:
 The promotional work of Birdman has been topnotch, especially the fantastic city posters. I would love to own these.

Oscar Bait: No matter how we feel about them, one can't deny that at least the posters are good.
Both of these *kinda* follow the same structure with putting the lead in focus and then giving us an idea of what the plot of the film revolves around.

This one is definitely my favourite poster from the Oscar baits. It's sort of doing the same thing too but god, it's lovely.

Jake and the Crawlers:
Heyyyy I just noticed how the spider is a crawler too. Connection!!! Anyways, I love both of these posters. They're both unique and memorable and differently unsettling in their own ways. What a year, Jake!

The New Horror:
I think both these posters are going to be iconic. Both of them follow a similar idea and it works soooo well.

Other goodies:
The attention to detail is amazing.

It's sexy, it's cool, it's Eva Green. What's not to love?

There is a quite violence in the poster which hints at the film's story. I really like that.

The Eisenberg one is more sinister and is totally apt for the movie and Wasikowska's goes with her character or at least how she is seen. Doppelgangers are creepy.

Ordinarily, the writing would annoy the crap out of me but in the case of this particular movie, it almost feels like it's part of the its rhythm. Therefore, it works perfectly.

Where did these even come from?
When I was going through other best poster lists, I came across these. I'd never seen them before but I do think all of them are great. Especially the bottom two.

Best of the year:
I genuinely believe that character posters will never, ever, ever, ever, ever get better than these. Ever. These are the fucking be-all and end-all when it comes to character posters. They are HILARIOUS (Udo Kier, everybody) and they kind of remind me of the opening scene of Marie Antoinette in the way that von Trier knows what we think the film will be about and he's just rubbing it in our faces. The dude has a twisted sense of humour and I do enjoy it most of the times, especially in this case. 

I also loved the other teaser posters from the movie. Again, only von Trier can make that whip into a heart-shaped poster :P

It looks so cool. The shade of pink, the "V", the contrasts. Stunning.

I also love these posters. The "Last Supper" parody makes me laugh every time I see it.

The first one was *so* close to being my number 1. I had like a minor aneurysm the first time I saw it. It gives me so much joy. The second one is so cute and unique too.

If I could, I would have an entire wall covered with this poster. It's mesmerising and dreamy and just soooooooo beautiful! It breaks your heart with its beauty. I mean, it's the stars and Scarlett. How could anything beat it? It got under my skin for sure.
I also love this poster from the movie.

And that is it. What were your favourite posters from this year?


  1. Loving Enemy and Nightcrawler posters. My favorite is actually a very simple Begin Again poster with Keira and Mark standing by the car and smiling. It just looks so carefree, just like the movie. Another one I really like is The Grand Budapest main poster

    1. Jake as come in some cool-ass films this year. Re: Begin Again- That's a very cute poster, just like the film :)

  2. The poster for Grand Budapest is so good.The whole colour palette, and the font, it just makes me dizzy in a good way. Really love the Under the Skin poster too, and the ones for Enemy and Nightcrawler. And of course, the Nymphomaniac character posters had to be there, those were awesome.

    1. Oh it makes me dizzy in a good way too.
      The Nymphomaniac character posters are indeed awesome.

  3. Yeah, I'm with you on your #1. Under the Skin is the poster of the year, and possibly the movie of the year as well! I love those Gone Girl teasers...I hadn't seen those before, but clever and much better than what they eventually went with.

    1. Oh totally. Under the Skin is amazing in every way. I was really excited when those Gone Girl teaser posters came out but the official ones were so boring.

  4. Hahaha, I wrote about at least one poster for almost every week this year, and I've only covered two of the ones that you have here! Even worse, Birdman and Sin City 2 were badly the best that I saw this year.

    As to my favorite? Of the ones I wrote about this year, I'll have to go with Interstellar. My post about it won't go up for a few days, but they had at least 6 different posters in Manhattan. They were all very different from one another and I liked them a lot.

    1. Aww it's okay. Many of these are v. internet based, I think... And your posts are on the posters you see around.
      Maybe the Interstellar posters you speak of are different from the ones online, which are also nice though not my fav.

  5. Those Gone Girl teasers are sick. Love them. I also love the poster campaign for Palo Alto. I really dug all of their one sheets. But, yeah, you don’t really top those Nymphomaniac character posters. They still crack me up.

    1. Yes they are. The Palo Alto one sheets are definitely gorgeous.
      Ah, Nymphomaniac :')

  6. The Men Women Children one is incredible, but all of these are fantastic! I love this post, thanks for sharing! Posters are awesome!!

    1. It's sooo good, isn't it? Thank you so much! Posters are indeed awesome :)

  7. Love so many of these! The Palo Alto, Stranger by the Lake, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inherent Vice, and Under the Skin ones are great. And the Nymphomaniac ones are EVERYTHING.

    1. Yep, I love all of these too. They are totally EVERYTHING.

  8. So many great ones! I didn't know those Mommy posters, they're fantastic. I love that you included various artworks for the same movie, they're awesome. My favourite is still the black Nymphomaniac poster, that's my number one. So provocative yet so sleek. And 'Forget About Love' is a great tagline.

    1. There are some other really amazing Korean posters, like the ones of Two Days, One Night. You should check them out too.
      People are so talented to make such fantastic artworks.
      Yeah, that's a great poster and a great tagline.