Sunday 3 November 2013

The Month that was- October

How is it November? I don't understand! Time has gone wibbly wobbly if you ask me. I have spent my holidays doing nothing whatsoever. I did finally surpass the one movie a day average for this month though (34 films in all), so yaay!

1) Little Children- Saw it on Kate the great's birthday. I really liked it. Patrick Wilson is hot.
2) Frost/Nixon- I thought it was great. I love Michael Sheen.
3) Bright Young Things- This has a crazy cast. It was a little too frenzied and the emotional side of the story got lost somewhere in that.
4) Alps- Not as brilliant as Dogtooth but still very interesting ideas in place. Gorgeous ending.
5) The Way Way Back- Aww, this was sweet. Sam Rockwell is awesomesauce.
6) Go Goa Gone- In-flight movie. Harmless fun.
7) En Kort En Lang- This would have been such a Bollywood film if we took the gay angle out of the mix. Very sweet and Mads Mikkelsen is just adorbs in it.
8) The Grey- Sooooo good! Was not expecting that at all. Scary and profound.
9) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones- A.W.F.U.L.
10) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou- I liked it but it's one of the lesser Wes Anderson films for me.
11) Gravity- Phenomenal, obviously.
12) Airplane!- The puns just kept coming, didn't they? The flamboyant air traffic controller is my hero.
13) The Intouchables- This film was like sunshine. So happy.
14) Eyes Without a Face- I thought it was very tragic and beautiful.
15) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- I liked it but god, it was long! Casey Affleck and Roger Deakins were the best things about it of course.
16) A Man Escaped- Kind of brilliant, no?
17) Wadjda- I really hope to write a post on this soon. I absolutely loved it.
18) A Woman Under the Influence- It got quite scary at times but excellent acting by the leads.
19) Something in the Air- It was pretty but bland.
20) The American- Stunning. A perfect film.
21) Deliverance- I *get* the whole deal now.
22) Leaving Las Vegas- So sad but beautiful at the same time, and amazing performances by Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue.
23) Night of the Living Dead- I was really bored at first but it does get very thrilling later. I must say that I was not expecting a black man to be the hero, and it was a welcome surprise.
24) Dawn of the Dead- Fantastic. I didn't realise that I had seen the remake earlier but I liked this one much much more.
25) Hocus Pocus- This was fun. Gotta love cult favourites.

1) The Social Network- I had to watch this after getting the best director prize at my college's drama competition. Fincher is god, after all.
2) The World's End- With my little brother this time.
3) Silver Linings Playbook- This film makes me happy.
4) This is the End- Again, with my brother. I have a bad/good feeling its ending will top my list of favourite scenes of the year.
5) Children of Men- Had to watch it after Gravity. It's still one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen.
6) Stoker- I have an urge to rewatch it everytime I listen to its score. Which is like everyday.
7) The Darjeeling Limited- I had apparently forgotten some of it. The rewatch has confirmed that it's my third favourite Wes Anderson film after Rushmore and Moonrise Kingdom. 
8) The Rock- I had not seen it in 7 or 8 years. I forgot how funny it was.
9) Starter for 10- Again, the cast is mental. Benedict Cumberbatch being a college loser is HILARIOUS!

The Prince- It was... interesting. I don't really know what to say. It's a bit awful but kind of brilliant at the same time.

Final tally:
                                  Firsts- 164                        Rewatched- 70                         Shorts- 2
                                                                              Total- 236

So in spite of my amazement, November is here and with it, the Kolkata Film Festival and finally, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special!!!!! Geronimo!


  1. That's a good way to describe The Intouchables - sunshine. That film was so sweet, I was expecting it to be so depressing.

    1. It was great. I would recommend this new film I just saw, Touch of the Light, to make a double feature with it. Happiest duo of films ever.

  2. Frost/Nixon sounds interesting! En kort en lang goes to my "list of Mads films I must see ASAP", can't wait to see Gravity and Children of Men and I can't fathom how you could fit so many films into one month. I'm jealous.

    1. It's very good.
      You should see it ASAP!
      It's nothing, man. Some people average 60 films a month :/

  3. So many awesome films here, great you liked Frost/Nixon it's in my top 20 of all time. Eyes without Face was fantastic, such atmospheric movie.

    1. It's really fantastic. Michael Sheen <3

  4. I took your blog break a bit too literally, darling! I figured you were taking a nice long blog-cation! But I have some thoughts on your recent posts and will endeavor to comment appropriately forthwith...

    1. I am like on a constant blog break with random posts in between. It's all cool :)

  5. I looove Eyes Without a Face. So tragic. So beautiful.

  6. Thrilled that you dug The American! It's so gorgeous, and it has my favorite Clooney performance. I love his more subdued work.

    1. I still think Up in the Air is my favourite Clooney performance, but this comes very close. If anything, I don't think Clooney has ever been sexier :P