Thursday 7 November 2013

Across the Universe Podcast: Episode 13

Episode 13: Give Life Back to Music

In this episode, SofiaMette and I welcome our first guest on the podcast, Ryan McNeil from The Matinee. Having observed Ryan's affinity towards music, we went with a related theme in mind. Listen as we count down our favourite music-related films that aren't musicals. Also, we get to know our guest better with a little questionnaire.

We must apologise for the few technical hitches in the episode. The geographical distance and my awful new headphones that I promise you won't hear from from the next episode onwards, are to blame. In spite of that, we had great fun recording the episode and we hope to get more guests on the show soon.

Finally, a big thank you to Ryan for being such a gracious guest.

0:26- Chick (and guy) Chatter
2:53- Trailer
3:52- The Guest Questionnaire
15:15- The chicks and Ryan list each of their Top 3 Music-related Movies
1:06:10- Feedback on the Topic
1:10:11- Plugs and Goodbyes

Guest's choice- Metric "Black Sheep"
Daft Punk "Give Life Back To Music"
Music from our number 1 Music-related Movies
Jim Sturgess "Across The Universe"

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