Sunday 16 June 2013


          Hello everyone! So guess what? My exams have been postponed for another month which is great news except that they are starting the same day as the new ANTM cycle which is the Guys and Girls cycle AKA my most anticipated thing on TV ever! Gahhhhhhh.
           Don't judge me.

1) Gary Oldman is eyeing Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Fiennes for his second directorial feature, Flying Horse. It will be about a photographer who murders a theatre critic who is having an affair with his wife. I think this will be excellent. All of them should definitely act together, even though Oldman has separately costarred with both the actors- with Cumberbatch in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and with Fiennes in the Harry Potter movies. Honestly though, if the Harry Potter films were still being made, Cumberbatch would have definitely made it into its gargantuan British cast. He could have been a Death Eater, or maybe a younger version of Snape. Yes! They should actually make a Snape spin-off with Cumberbatch- I will not mind one bit. Anyways, I want Flying Horse now!

2) Speaking of other Hogwarts alumni, Emma Watson is going to reteam with Harry Potter producer David Heyman in Queen of the Tearling, the adaptation of the first book in a trilogy. The story is "set three centuries after an environmental catastrophe when a malevolent Red Queen holds considerable power". People are calling it the Game of Thrones for women, which makes no actual sense if you watch the show- the women are the biggest badasses in Westeros. Like duhhh. Still, I am really happy that Watson is going places, though I don't know if another blockbuster series is a good idea. Having said that, she has already played one of the most inspiring female role models in recent times so she is an apt choice for this.

3) This news came out on the morning of the day Matt Smith announced his retirement which was when my world ended. Anyhoo, Karen Gillan, Smith's ex-costar and companion on Doctor Who, is going to play a lead villain in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which is brilliant! She will be a baddie alongside another beautiful tall person, Lee Pace, and Michael Rooker. Rumours suggest that she will play a bounty-hunter named Angela but we will see if that's true or not. The film will also star Chris Pratt, John C. Reily, Zoe Saldana and Glenn Close. So happy for Gillan- redheads FTW!

4) Other casting news- Eddie Redmayne is going to play Stephen Hawking in Theory of Everything. The film will chronicle that period of Hawking's life when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and was told he has a couple of years to live, causing him to go into depression and have problems with his to-be wife. It sounds like a very demanding, dramatic role and it will be interesting to see what Redmayne does with it. It will be directed by Man on Wire director, James Marsh. Next, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to play Rasputin and Jason Hall, the screenwriter who wrote the upcoming Steven Spielberg-Bradley Cooper movie American Sniper, is going to pen the script. It's still very much in early development but it sounds cool and weird and I'm glad to see that Leo is still after that Oscar. GIVE HIM THAT OSCAR, YOU BASTARDS! Finally, the dude who did win the Oscar, Christoph Waltz might be starring in Roman Polanski's True Crimes which is based on a New Yorker article about a Polish detective solving a cold case that leads him into Poland's underworld. Waltz has worked with Polanski on the delightful Carnage, where he outshone everyone else, and it would be very cool to see Waltz do something subdued and grim like this.

5) Oh btw, are you guys listening to our podcast? You can click on the page above named "Across the Universe Podcast" to listen :)

6) I am on such a Bollywood music binge right now, all because of Yeh Jawaan Hai Deewani. This song in particular-
Yes I am plugging a song in a language most of you don't understand about a festival most of you don't celebrate but imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do etcetera etcetera. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!

7) Posters- Well, not actual posters but discarded ones in fact. Spike Lee's Oldboy remake starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley didn't use these 4 posters but I think they're pretty cool, especially the trunk one.

8) TrailersTouchy Feely made by Lynn Shelton who direcred the wonderful Your Sister's Sister, looks just as sweet and touching (haha get it?). This too stars Rosemary DeWitt, along with Ellen Page, Scoot McNairy and Allison Janney. Filth has another awesomely disgusting red-band trailer out. I really want to watch this. The Way, Way Back looks very good too. Loving Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell in it. 300: Rise of an Empire looks as over the top as one would expect. It kind of sucks that the main guy isn't hot but hey, Eva Green is one gorgeous lady. The trailer to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has me concerned as it somehow features more Legolas than Bilbo. Also I disapprove of us not hearing Benedict Cumberbatch's voice in it. Thank god for all the Lee Pace though. Pretty elf is pretty. Naomi Watts-starrer Diana has a teaser out and it looks very boring, though I have faith in her. Aside from her exciting new project, Karen Gillan is also the star of Not Another Happy Ending which looks cute albeit predictable but I love her so I will watch it. Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer star in gangster-family-comedy The Family, erstwhile known as the v. exotic Malavita, and I might watch it. Might. The trailer of the week/fortnight is *obviously* Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. It looks amazing and I'm really loving Cate Blanchett losing her mind and Sally Hawkins being just awesome. Two Oscars please.

9) Finally, how awesome is Hannibal? And Mads Mikkelsen? I give you-

Mads Mikkelsen

Sads Mikkelsen

Glads Mikkelsen

Bads Mikkelsen

Knee-pads Mikkelsen

Rads Mikkelsen

Plaids Mikkelsen

Cool-dads Mikkelsen
Honestly, I just wanted a lot of Mads Mikkelsen on my blog. Muahahahahaa.

Be careful of what or who you are eating. Good bye!


  1. I want to see that film too, mostly because I really want to see Oldman behind the camera again. (I haven't seen Nil by Mouth yet, but I definitely plan to now.)

    Also, I'm intrigued by the casting news of Redmayne as Hawking. I'm not against it, mind you (I'm curious myself), but it did remind me of a TV film the BBC did about ten years ago. (Take a wild stab in the dark at who played Hawking in that one, darling.)

    1. Yeah me too. I didn't even know he had directed a film before.

      I'm curious too. Must watch this BBC film now.

  2. Why hello, bads Mikkelsen...!

    I saw The Hobbit for the first time just a few nights ago. It was nice. But it's still not the same without Aragorn. Okay, Mortensen. What is it about Danish men???

    1. Bads Mikkelsen... mmmmmm :)

      Haha, we need to ask Mette!

  3. That Redmayne film sounds like it could be very good, or handled very badly. Let's hope for the best.

    Noooo @ Emma Watson signing up for another potentially blockbuster trilogy. I wanted her to keep doing films with an indie feel like Perks and Blind Ring.

    That video is gorgeous! I love pretty colors. And the song is awesome and dance-able, if only I wasn't lying down. But I'll still gyrate.

    I definitely want to see the Waltz film. Sounds right up his alley.

    And I don't think you're gonna miss much with ANTM this season. I mean have you seen the horrible pictures/mediocre cast?

    1. I know, right? Only time will tell.

      I wanted her to keep doing smaller stuff too, but of the three, she is the most likely to have star status. As long as it isn't shit, eh?

      Yaaay! I love that song.

      I'm curious about the Waltz-Polanski films actually. Waltz always ends up playing really loud, eccentric characters. This will be a different route for him, but I really think he can do it.

      But all the sexual tension and bitch-fighting! OMG, it will be beautiful.

    2. Well to pump you up further for ANTM, one of the guys is apparently a psycho hellbent on flirting. He also almost gets in a scuffle.

      Maybe it is good for Emma. I don't want her hype to completely die down after all.

    3. YESSSSS! I can't wait :D :D

  4. Nikhat I miss you and your lovely blog! I've been really busy in the last couple of weeks, but I am slowly catching up!
    You know, when I first heard Matt Smith is quitting Doctor Who, I immediately thought of you :)I hope the new one will a good choice and you will love him!
    Still listening to Peace and The Maccabees? Try The 1975, I've been listening to them obsessively lately- songs: Chocolate, Heads.Cars.Bending, Sex, You, Me

    1. I miss you and your super nice-ness, Diana :)

      I'm sure whoever they choose as the next Doctor, male or female, will be capable, but they won't be Smith :(

      Yes I am. I shall look into 1975, thanks!

  5. Flying Horse sounds great, but I still need to see Nil by Mouth.

    I'm really looking forward to Filth and The Way, Way Back. McAvoy and Rockwell look terrific in them.

    1. So do I.

      Oh man, McAvoy looks BRILLIANT! I really can't wait.