Friday 19 August 2011



1) This is my last week ever as an eighteen year-old. And quite like the Potter month-dilemma, I don't know what to do with it. The excellent Stevee Taylor of Cinematic Paradox is doing a 16 Days of Birthday series of her blogposts till her 16th birthday, which is very cool and enjoyable. I, on the other hand, have nothing. What can I write about a 19th birthday? JBNVJJRHCAJWKLKLCGKJAWGAHHHHH!!! I'm so annoyed. The only thing I have decided upon is to watch the DVD of Duck Soup, which I bought about a month back, on the birthday- I think that's pretty awesome. Any other films you think I should watch on this auspicious and slightly random birthday? Or do something? Should I finally download all of I Love Lucy episodes? Or watch all the James Bond films 'cuz Sean Connery is born on the same day as me? Decisions decisions decisions.

2) Trailer-wise, my most-favourite boy-wizard-playing actor is back, with The Woman in Black. I really love the look and feel of the trailer. It is pretty spooky, and the Victorian setting has a nice gothic atmosphere. Daniel Racliffe looks damn good if I can say so myself...he's playing like a father which is still (see: HP8 Epilogue) pretty unbelievable. But I really really hope for his sake that the film is good, and he is able to break through the Harry Potter-persona and show that he can act as any type of character. If I had it my way, I dunno if I have written about it before, he should do really cool supporting roles in British gangster movies. Like an In Bruges part 2 with 'Arry and the gang ("Your Horcrux is an inanimate fuckin' object!"). Daydream delusions much? Anyways back to The Woman in Black, I hope it is like The Others a bit. God that was a great horror film, and Nicole Kidman can do those stern mother roles so well. Which brings me to the next trailer, the craptastic (lovely word, that) Trespass. Oh dear lord. Why? This looks horrible. It does not even look like Panic Room; it just looks like another Nicholas Cage film which Nicole Kidman somehow signed for and is going to fall down the same shithole of shame. And it has Cam Gigandet...ugh! I really feel like punching that guy's face. He plays like the same scantily-clad, buff and tattooed, baddish teenager-man guy in all his films. I have a feeling that he will play the same role and look the same way for the next 20 years and then one day he'll wake up and be an old, wrinkled, fat man. And you know how those tattoos look on wrinkly skin...

3) This-
Sounds totally believable right? Guess we'll never know...

See you next week, when I'm all 19...and old.


  1. My last weekend ever as a 15 year old :( and I still don't know what to do :'(
    Well, no one wants to hang out with me this weekend (because everyone is going away). Then on my actual birthday I have school, after that I think some of us are going to McDonalds, and then I'm going to spend the rest of my night at home...I don't know what to watch. I should probably watch an R16, since I'll finally be able to legally watch them.
    Anyway, thanks for the link back, you're awesome!

    Oh...and I feel like punching Cam Gigandet too. I wish he would just GO AWAY!

  2. Aww. It's okay. I'm bunking college on my b'day. I absolutely refuse to do anything educational. YOU MUST WATCH SOMETHING R16!!

  3. Ahaha the Bill Murray anecdote is totally awesome! I think Daniel Radcliffe will be just fine. He will need time to distance himself and certainly, playing roles totally different from "the boy who lived" will help him a lot. I think the person who will have the hardest time from the main Harry Potter trio will be Rupert Grint. I don't know if he will have much of a career acting-wise.

  4. Bill Murray is the boss! Yeah even I think Rupert Grint won't be very big. I think he'll go the indie way, and then become some awesome art-collector or something.