Wednesday 24 August 2011

Death of a Fan

             So tomorrow is my 19th birthday, and I was completely ready to bunk my college and have the best birthday ever. But instead I was told today that I have to go to the college at friggin' 7:25 A.M. tomorrow morning for a debate tryout. And not only that; my topic is about social networking being bad. Me, Nikhat Zahra, who spent all of the last year championing The Social Network! Also, I needed something to watch tonight...for my last night ever as an eighteen year old.

          So I finally thought what better than the film itself- The Social will give me random debate points and also the fact that Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he created Facebook might give me some sort of inspiration.

              I put in the DVD and am grinning like bloody Joker at the first scenes. Then suddenly I have this urge to watch that part of the Special Features DVD when they show David Fincher introducing the Jewish party hat-concept to Andrew Garfield. And I And then I am all ready to resume the film, but something keeps stopping me. And I realise that I cannot watch The Social Network completely again...or atleast for a very long time from now.

         You may think that I am judging quite harshly, or over-exaggerating, but I am all too familiar with this feeling of mine. Generally it happens with songs I get obsessed with, and finally feel nauseous afterwards. I still cannot listen to "Incomplete" by The Backstreet Boys because that was the only song I heard all of the year it had come out. And yes I know what a terrible comparison that is, and it's making me all the more sad.

            I really love The Social Network, and it's definitely one of my most favourite films ever. But it is not the kind of films you watch too regularly, i.e., twice a month (not counting the first few months it came out in). And that is what has driven me to this state of non-fan-ness. I literally know the script by rote now, and as happy as it makes me, my brain is too full of it. Plus the Tumblr obsession with it is irritating.

(I can hear them chanting this in my I will get sued for getting over it)

Has this ever happened to you? Have you watched a film you love so many times that you have grown sick of it? And how horrible did that feel?


  1. I sometimes have this feeling with TSN. Usually I feel like watching it but then don't feel like watching it half way through...but I keep watching it, because I'm cool like that.

    In fact, this happens to me a lot.

    Well anyway, you still better lawyer up, asshole. Someone will sue you for getting over it :P

  2. I don't think I ever felt like that about a film, but I totally get what you mean about songs. I do the same thing, listen to something incessantly and then get sick of it, but feel bad about getting sick because I love it. I have to wait a couple of months until I can obsess over it again xD

  3. @Stevee- Ooh I'm shaking in my boots!
    I really do hope this phase, as I am calling it now, gets over soon. I must watch it on it's one year anniversary to commemorate all the madness.

    @Maria Sofia- Yes...but sometimes I can't ever hear the song again...especially if it's the kind that gets stuck in your head forever and pops in their at the most inappropriate times.