Friday 8 July 2011


Sorry for the delay...I totally forgot that yesterday was Thursday. It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday!! thoughts:

Yeah...anyways I finally have ideas about what to do. A friend of mine has suggested to do a character-wise post per day. I am going to go with that. I will be starting my Harry Potter Movies Day-a-thon tonight, so that in 8 days I will watch the last film (hopefully- if I get tickets). I will do the character-wise thing after that probably. In the meantime, maybe inspiration will strike for something else.

2) Like everyone it seems, I subjected myself to Transformers: Dark of the Moon this week. Save a couple of Bollywood films, it might have been my worst movie-going experience ever. Such deafening idiocy! I mean action movies without any deeper meaning are bad, but still tolerable. But action movies without any deeper meaning, but pretending to have one are the most terrible things ever. This was something I had realised when I watched I Am Number Four, which surprise surprise, was produced by Michael Bay. Dark of the Moon is a film devoid of anything except noisy destructive robots and Rosie Whatsherface's no humour or memorable characters (i.e. positively memorable- I don't think it will be easy to forget John Malkovich's orange-ness) or sense really, and the fact that it makes so much money, it just astounds me! People should stop hounding on poor Twilight...there are much worse things out there (Whatsherface using reverse-psychology on a robot...*shudders*).

3) I also saw Network this week. I can see why it made such an impact on Aaron Sorkin...the dialogue, the acting, the content and the far-reaching message of the film- mindblowing! Though 12 Angry Men is still a bigger favourite of mine, I can see Network growing on me. It's definitely better than Rocky according to me; I am biased against sports films, but still, it was just fantastic. Andy Buckle's Film Emporium called it one of the great ensemble pieces, and I totally agree. This year there will be many ensemble pieces- A Dangerous Method, Contagion, Ides of March, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Carnage, On The Road etc. X-Men: First Class and Midnight in Paris have already gone by, and I guess Deathly Hallows is a gigantic ensemble cast film. I personally love it when there are lots of actors, but just as long as they don't overcrowd or compete, and as a result mess up the film. One of the best examples of a non-ensemble, non-big named film is Once. That film is perfect. You just need a guy and a girl, a few beautiful songs and a broken hoover.

4) For anyone who missed it, yesterday was the grand big premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 in Trafalgar Square and I had a total emotional breakdown while watching it. The speeches were beautiful.

*Never-ending tears*


  1. My parents, my parents DIED! My parents, my parents WHY!
    SAD SAD SAD SAD, looking forward to the movieeeeeee!

  2. I like your parents. It was very sad. I'm looking forward to it too..hopefully I can get the tickets for the first day.

  3. So are you going to cry when it's all over and done? :) Is this coming out on July 15 where you live as well?

  4. I am going to be wailing! I pity whoever is sitting next to me. Yes it will come out on 15th July. Thankfully India is on the same level of Pottermania as the rest of the world.