Wednesday 6 July 2011

Personality Soup

         I saw this over at Defiant Success, and it had been started by True Classics and Forever Classics. I have often quoted Chuck Palahniuk when he said "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I know," and how in my case everyone I know is fictional characters from films. I am deeply affected by these characters, and as far my personality goes, the following characters are the ingredients to my personality soup:

Brian the Brain- My nerdiness.

Cecilia- My love for films, and possibilities of delusions.

Bridget Jones- My self-deprecation and glutton.

Christian- The Romantic in me.

Kat Stratford- My need for non-conformity.

The Narrator- My boredom, paranoia and slight attraction to violence.

Igby Slocumb- My own brand of sarcasm and teenage rebellion.

Bon Appétit anyone?


  1. What an awesome selection of characters you have got going there!

  2. I love all of these characters! I wanna do one of these...I just need a bit more inspiration!

  3. Aww, gee guys thanks :) Even though I have some traits, I am not remotely as interesting as any of them.

    @Stevee- Please do!! Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Strange to see Christian and Kat Stratford in this personality soup together. Interesting though.

  5. @Lesya- Well it's just specific traits of their personalities which are also there in mine.