Wednesday 11 May 2011

"Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothing but you're telling me everything." ~ True Romance

        Great scene... yet another Quentin Tarantino-Christopher Walken gem. This was a fun film. How QT manages to write this kind of well, magical stuff is what amazes me the most about the man-genius. I loved the romantic aspects of this film as much as I loved the violence, and the supporting cast iss to die for. Also Patricia Arquette has such a dreamy voice, doesn't she?? And I kind of miss Christian Slater. He does have 10 films-in-production, according to IMDb though, so I guess we haven't seen the last of him yet. 

        You know what I would like? Have everyone in this film to work together again. Ouie?!

        Fun Trivia- The dopey director Lee Donowitz, played by Saul Rubinek, is the son of the Bear Jew from Inglorious Basterds. Something tells me he wouldn't have been so proud.


  1. I love this film as well, I can just watch it over and over again.
    Patricia Arquette was so underrated, she's been one of my favourite actress ever since I saw her in this.

    an,d that scene between Walken and Hopper is a classic, to see those two guys in the same room was awesome.

  2. An all-time favorite scene of mine, in a great film. Two heavyweights staring each other down for 8 minutes, and James Gandolfini in a bit part, to boot! Love it!

    Haha, I hadn't seen that about Lee Donowitz/Bear Jew before. Nice tie-in, QT.