Wednesday 9 March 2011


So I just had an epiphany of Scott Pilgrim-esque proportions. Okay not so much of an epiphany, but just a random realisation. Michael Caine has played both Alfie and Alfred. Cool...right?? Has anyone else noticed it before?

Reminds me of the time when I realised that Robert Downey Jr. says "I am Ironman" at the end of Ironman because that's how the Black Sabbath Ironman started, a few weeks before Ironman 2 released, and then everybody was like "Um...DUH." Yeah, that was bad.
Also when I was all excited to tell people that I've decided to call my personal style (once upon a I just wear my pjs) 'Boho Chic' only to be told that that's already a style and I should read magazines and look at people like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen once in a while. Yeah...that was bad too.

The funniest Black Swan-related humour I have seen yet. Why couldn't they do that in the Oscars, instead of making the most boring shit ever?

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