Monday 5 May 2014


        I think I am definitely turning these posts into a fortnight thing which is better than them being a month thing. In this way you guys get a bigger, meatier, possibly crazier post and I get to feel less bad about my laziness. Win-win, probably. Anyways, onto the post!

1) Matt Smith is going to star in the Terminator reboot, Terminator: Genesis and will also be a major part of its 2 sequels. I'll be honest, I was kind of going to skip these movies. I like the original and really like Judgement Day but my interest had fizzled out. I would not have watched them even for Emilia Clarke (sorry Khaleesi fans) but yeah, the addition of my favourite television actor does change everything. His character is someone who will be working close to John Connor, who will be played by Jason Clarke. I am sincerely praying he doesn't play some gangly nerd dude and that he does get to bulk up a bit, especially after this :) I am happy to see at least two members of Karen and the Babes (i.e., Karen Gillan, Matt, Arthur Darvill) getting breakout roles in these blockbuster movies. Now all I need is for Darvill to get cast as Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trilogy because he will be *perfect*.

2) David Fincher won't be making the Sorkin-Jobs movie after all, which sucks! But they're probably going to replace him with Danny Boyle, which is awesome! The last time Boyle made a sorta biopic, it was 127 Hours which I loved (coincidentally, it was my second favourite movie of 2010 right below Fincher's The Social Network). Boyle apparently wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jobs though and that is not great news. I really want Leo to stop doing biopics already. Yes WoWS was kind of a biopic and so is the next movie he is making with Jonah Hill but man, I thought Leo was finally embracing his comedic side! Gahhhhhh. So yes to Boyle and no to Leo.

3) Woody Allen's next movie after Magic in the Moonlight will star Joaquin Phoenix. Fuck yes!! I love Phoenix and with his recent career choices, he can do no wrong in my eyes, and Woody is still my favourite filmmaker. I can imagine the film being Sweet and Lowdown-esque for some reason, not that we know anything about the plot or whether it is a comedy or tragedy or a dramedy. It's just that Phoenix would be really great in a role like that although he can honestly do anything with that face of his. #favcinematicface

4) Oh since my last post, the Cannes 2014 lineup has been announced. Here is the full list. Some really exciting movies here like Foxcatcher, Maps to the Stars, Clouds of Sils Maria, Mommy, The Search, Saint Laurent (which stars Gaspard Ulliel, Lea Seydoux and Louis Garrel!! Their combined beauty will blind us) and most importantly for me, Ryan Gosling's directorial debut Lost River, which is the boring name they replaced How to Catch A Monster with. Anywhoo, I am super stoked about it still even though I am 97.6849203% sure I will hate it. Oh and the Cannes jury has been announced as well. It's pretty amazing. It will be headed by Jane Campion and has Sofia Coppola, Gael García Bernal, Nicolas Winding-Refn and Leila Hatami (who was in the incredible A Separation) among others. On a sidenote, I totally had a dream about Sofia Coppola the other day where I was trying to befriend her 'cuz duh. It also had Kelly Preston and Peter Sarsgaard :/

5) Jessica Chastain will be playing Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik's next, Blonde. This is pretty fantastic news. I don't think anyone can *really* look like Monroe but I think Chastain can get the mannerisms right. And it's not a proper biopic but rather based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates where he has reimagined her tale of glamour and rise and fall in Hollywood and all that. Dominik has called it "a really sprawling, emotional nightmare fairy-tale type movie" so that's interesting. Naomi Watts was previously attached to this project but in La Chastain we trust. Chastain is also apparently being courted to play the co-lead in the next Mission Impossible film, which is exciting news.

6) The cast of Star Wars Episode 7 has finally been revealed and it is quite an impressive one. Like in the case of the Terminator reboot, I wasn't all that psyched about this movie but hot damn, that is one cool cast! John Boyega who was excellent in Attack the Block, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and Domnhnall Gleeson, who are all becoming some of my favourite actors to watch, Andy Serkins who is awesome, Max von Sydow who is a legend, and the returning cast members that include Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew. The only person I don't know is Daisy Ridley but it's just good to know that there is more than one female character in this.

7) Other news- So Zach Snyder will be directing the Justice League movie as well as the Superman VS Batman movie. This isn't even the worst part of it. Apparently Matt Damon is in talks to play someone called Aquaman? On one hand, I desperately want this to happen because it will be HILARIOUS and oh so cute because Ben and Matt forever OMG, but on the other hand, I like Damon and this sounds *awful*. There is a movie called Genius about writer Thomas Wolfe and editor Max Perkins that is being made. Originally, Michael Fassbender was slated to play Wolfe but he has now been replaced by Jude Law, while Perkins will be played by Colin Firth. The film will also star Nicole Kidman. I like Law though of course Fassy would have been a cooler choice. Lessee how this works. The new Jungle Book movie will have Lupita Nyong'o and Scarlett Johansson voicing some of the animals which is kind of silly because if you are going to have those two women in a film, at least make it live action. Joe Wright's Pan continues to baffle as it will now also star Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevigne. The cast has really out-whited itself but I still have faith in Wright. Justin Kurtzel, who is directing the Fassy-Cotilard Macbeth movie will next direct the Assassin's Creed movie which will also star Fassy. I can get behind this. JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy is going to become a TV series that will be shown in BBC and HBO. I wasn't too big a fan of the book but I can see it working as a show and the studios are cool. Finally, Steven Spielberg will be directing the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's BFG. It is one of the only Dahl books I haven't read but my brother ensures me it is brilliant and therefore this is awesome news.

8) There are sooooo many videos I want to share, from the McAvoy-Fassbender-Jackman interviews to Emma Stone's awesome awesomeness, but in order to be as current as possible, I give you this-
So funny. Especially the part he screams and the hand bit. Also, I want to be Beyonce when I grow up.

9) Pictures- A number of images from Magic in the Moonlight have been released. Though Stone's and Firth's age difference is a bit big, I can feel the chemistry already and they are both just so charming. New pictures from the aforementioned Macbeth movie. I am kind of sick of watching Macbeth adaptations but I do like the look of this a lot. A few stills from Gosling's Lost River have also been released. God, this film will be weird. Still, where's Matt Smith yo? And Robert Downey Jr. has tweeted this slice of fried gold from the shooting of Avengers 2. ZOMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

10) Trailers- Some good/great ones here. Maps to the Stars looks sufficiently strange but I do love the cast and as long as there are no giant rats in this one, I'm good. The Trip to Italy is funny, obviously. We can never have too many Michael Caine impressions. And the food looks wow. Let's Be Cops has Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. and looks pretty funny albeit a little stupid. Still, I adore Johnson too much. They Came Together has another of my favourite TV comedians, Amy Poehler, teaming up with the always adorable Paul Rudd. This too seems a little crazy but parodies can be fun and these two are awesome! Boyhood maybe doesn't have a super fantabulous trailer but I cannot wait for this movie! It will be beautiful and amazing and the best thing ever! Accio! My two favourite trailers in *sigh* the last month are What We Do in the Shadows and Gone Girl. In case of the former, it just looks so funny and brilliant and in case of the latter, well, it just *sounds* so funny and brilliant. Seriously, I love Fincher to death! That song and the stuff shown in the trailer is like something out of Amy's diary. It goes with the "perfect" image of the Dunnes and has enough creepiness to keep us wondering. Pure, unadulterated love.

11) Finally, the Graham Norton-Fassy-McAvoy-Jackman might be the greatest interview ever conducted. It's definitely hottest. Here are some gems from it-
These three are the only people that make "Blurred Lines" classy.

McAvoy was on fire.

McBender 4eva.

Sorry Benny, but 'tis true.

And that's it. Tata!


  1. Love those Fassy/McAvoy/Jackman gifs!

    Matt Damon playing Aquaman HAS to be a joke, right? RIGHT?! I think my head would explode.

    I don't want Leo to play Jobs either. I hope Boyle sticks with Fincher's first choice, Christian Bale.

    1. They're the best!

      Yes my head would explode too.

      I know! I want Bale too.

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2014

    So much WIN in this post! Johansson playing a snake, Phoenix pairing with Woody, Macbeth stills looking all sorts of glorious! I'm bummed about Fincher passing on Jobs. THEY NEED TO PAY HIM THE MONEY! I hope you keep the postings coming :-D

    1. Haha thanks!
      Yes they really need to pay Fincher the money :( Still, they could have done much worse than Boyle.
      I hope so :/

  3. That episode of Graham Norton was hilarious, loved every minute of it.

    Also, Aquaman is cool!

    1. Me too!

      But he's called Aquaman! :P

  4. I really need to see that GN episode, it looks like so much fun even though I'm pissed off 3 such fine actors are wasting their time in soulless franchise.

    1. I know what you mean. I'm not pissed so much as sad about everyone in that movie. So many good actors and the film doesn't look v. promising.

  5. No power on this earth can make me excited for a Zach Snyder film. It would literally take the promise of an empty theater and living out my greatest erotic fantasy to even get me into a seat for him.

    And, if I accepted this devil's bargain, I would still go home and cry afterwards.

    Similarly, I don't know if anything can make me excited for a Star Wars pic again. Abrams isn't neatly as offensive as Snyder is (Brett Ratner and Michael Bay are in that league), but I have had serious problems with all of JJ's pix.

    I mean, George Lucas assembled a pretty great cast, and look at the train wreck HE produced...

    1. I know what you mean but I know I'm still going to watch these movies because well, Henry Cavill = Walking Erotic Fantasy

      I don't know. I loved the first Star Trek movie and I have a special place in my heart for Super 8. Also I genuinely love this cast. I'm excited!

  6. Ha, that Graham Norton episode was hilarious!

    There's so much to look forward to: Pan, Macbeth, Boyhood, Woody Allen's latest, Star Wars 7, most of Cannes' films, Genius, The BFG, Blonde, The Trip to Italy, Gone Girl... Lots of great stuff coming out in the near future. :)

    1. Best episode ever.

      Yaay it's an awesome time to be a movie-lover :D :D