Monday 11 June 2012


Helloo one and all! I know I'm late but I was internet-less for the past few days. I had declared my "blogging hiatus" on Twitter before this, but then I figured that's just my own blogging pattern.

1) So the reason I was internet-less was because I had gone to New Delhi to give an entrance exam which must be a foreign concept for most of you, but yeah- Indian education system is gaga. But then one of the GK questions was:
Which of the following is not a cult film- a) Hugo; b) Enter the Dragon; c) Star Wars; d) The Godfather
AKA- Best. Question. In. An. Academic. Exam. Ever.
Yes the answer is pretty obvious for someone with the most basic amount of film knowledge, but still, the little evil film nerd in me did do a secret maniacal laugh for all those who wouldn't get this :D Oh joys.

2) Even though I was away for 3 days, my dashboard is full of amazing blogposts. Here are my three most favourite- Southern Vision's 25 Most Important Films of the Last 25 YearsEternity of Dream's Paris in Genres and Cinematic Paradox's 100 Films Facts about Stevee.

3) I am pretty sure that if I were to write a 100 Film Facts About Me list, 95 of those facts will focus on Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling. Just today, during my flight when I was going through my usual Fight Club-esque "mid-air collision" fantasies, I started thinking about what would be my last thought before my brain explodes or whatever and I first decided on "Ryan Gosling" but then I thought that would be wayy to shallow so then my thought process was like "Films- Woody Allen- New York- Buildings- The Tree of Life- Emmanuel Lubezki- okay no I don't want my dying thought to be Emmanuel Lubezki. Ryan Gosling it is!" So sad, but true. Imagine if I actually articulate this thought (unlike you know, all of this), and "Ryan Gosling" will become my last words and if I'm a nobody then, it's sort of fine though v. odd, but if I do get famous somehow, this is what will be on my IMDb Trivia page and what authors like John Green would know. Gah I really need to borrow someone's brain!

4) I am sorry if I am making no sense. Which I probably am not. I just really need to blog all of a sudden!

5) So the MTV Movie Awards happened. It has officially become my most favourite award show ever because it gave Johnny Depp the Generation Award, after which he played with The Black Keys. FUCK YEAH!! Other things I liked: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield presenting- they are oh so cute, Jennifer Lawrence's acceptance speech- [referring to the popcorn shaped statuette] "I can't eat this", Joseph Gordon-Levitt fangirling over Gary Oldman and Christian Bale, Bale remembering Heath Ledger, Fasstheron and all the Fassdong jokes which will NEVER get old, Shailene Woodley winning Best Newcomer, Harry Potter winning Best Cast because obviously *in an Alan Rickman voice*, and finally Emma Stone winning The Trailblazer Award. The presentation video was hilarious but then Stone's heartfelt acceptance speech was absolutely lovely and makes me hungry for her Oscar speech, whenever that will happen. What wasn't so lovely was Russel Brand, Twilight still winning everything and Kristen Stewart's desperate attempts at being funny.

6) Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth are joining the Darren Aronofsky Noah project, and Emma Watson is also in talks. Apart from the lead, my anti-Depp, Russel Crowe, I love everyone else connected with this film. And my god- what a role for Watson if she joins the cast! Definitely watching this now (ah damnit!).

7) So I had considered doing a separate post on this, but as soon as the Django Unchained trailer came out, my dash was full of posts about it and then I became lazy. As usual. But OHMYGAWDIAMSOFRIGGINEXCITEDICOULDDIE!!! It is so fucking amazing! Quentin Tarantino is one of my most favourite film makers ever and the first one in whose mind I'd like to go all "Being John Malkovich" if I could because it is a wondrous place. CLEARLY! I love the music and Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and the look and the guns and the slavery and the "D is silent" and everything. I especially love Leonardo Di Caprio with his southern drawl and yellow teeth and kooky smile. I really especially love the blood on the cotton plant. So pretty! Oh this film cannot come soon enough!!

8) Other less important and infinitely less awesome trailers- The Bourne Legacy. It looks fun, though I really need to get cracking with the other two sequels. Edward Norton is going to be the baddie! Flight, which looks really random. It is made by Robert Zemeckis and stars Denzel Washington, but I don't know. Not really sold on the trailer, though I do love it when people play "Gimme Shelter" in films. Wreck It Ralph, which looks really sweet and fun. Unfortunately I am the furthest thing from a gaming nerd on this planet, so I am not geeking out on it like everyone else. The Perks of Being a Wallflower has my second most favourite trailer of this week. I don't know whether it's the upcoming big 2-0 birthday or what, but I'm suddenly obsessed with teenage angst and stuff. So this is perfect. I really like Logan Lerman, and Watson looks really pretty and quite alright. Ezra Miller has made me a fan ever since last year's We Need to Talk About Kevin, so I really like him too. A great trailer, all in all.

9) Finally, I swear I snorted really loudly when I saw this-



  1. LOL at that question. I can't believe it was in the exam.

    Thank you thank you thank you for the plug!


    1. I know right! I nearly died out of excitement when I saw that.

      You are welcome :)


  2. Oooh, thanks for the plug!

    I actually kinda wanna watch the MTV movie awards. I still haven't had enough Fassdong jokes. But I'm so confused about how Twilight won best film. Come on.

    Django Unchained trailer is awesome. Seriously, every time I see that zoom in on Leo, I piss myself laughing. I wish we got more of him in the trailer. I feel like this could be the start of something new for old Leo (and now I have a frickin High School Musical song stuck in my head).

    And LOL wut is Gabourey Sidibe doing?!

    1. You are welcome :)

      I make it a point to watch MTV Awards. They are dumb, but they are expected to be dumb. This one wasn't that bad, until Twilight won. American teens -.-

      I knoww! That is just so funny. It would be awesome if Leo starts playing crooked villains, especially since crooked villains are happy people and Leo seldom plays happy characters. Haha HSM strikes hard!

      I don't know what she is doing! But she is awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for the day that Twilight stops winning things....
    Hope your entrance exam went well!!

    1. I know. I'm sure they'll still award it for two years after it gets over.

  4. Nice exam question, though if they left any space to write an answer you could go into some kind of long exploration of what a cult film is and question the definitions and then argue that Star Wars could be considered too popular/mainstream to be a truly cult film. Or maybe not.

    Love it that you have Fight Club mid-air collision fantasies! And LOL at Sidibe!

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to do. I actually thought about it for a second, but then I figured they meant "cult film" in really really broad terms. No space provided however :(

      Doesn't everyone? :O
      Haha Sidibe is brilliance!

  5. A lot of interesting, intense thoughts, indeed :D
    1.Best exam question ever :)
    2.Ryan Gosling, the last thing you imagine/think of before exploding? that's not too bad
    3. I didn't see the MTV Movie awards, but I am very happy for the following three things: Johnny Depp Generation award, HP gets best cast and Emma Stone!
    4. OMG, the Django Unchained trailer is so cool! My absolute favorite part is Leo DiCaprio- I am seeing this movie just for his villain part!

    1. That's what sleep deprivation and a lot of cold medicine does to your thought process :)

      1. I completely agree.
      2. Exactly! I will die a happy death, sort of.
      3. Yes they made me happiest too :D
      4. After the fact that it's a QT movie, Leo playing villain is my biggest draw too. He looks ab fab.

  6. Great test! What the hell subject was that, anyway? My first post-grad exam had a multiple choice question about murdering a Thaddeus. I like yours better.

    You're f'ing crazy. That's not a bad thing.

    Qt's movies have done a number on me. But if I think about the man, it's notso good.I won't expound unless you wish.

    1. Yep. It was actually English, but they had GK questions in them. Haha, well yes mine is better :P

      Ahahahahahahaaa I know right!! God no one pointed that out yet and I was starting to think I was normal. Freaaky thought!

      :( You can expound, if you want.

  7. Haha I love this post! You should totally do the facts about me list, even if they focus mostly on Depp and Gosling because that part in this post was amazing and surreal :) I really loved Charlize and Fass on MTV Movie Awards and Depp being there it's nice he does so much for his fans, I know lots of people wouldn't even show up.

    1. Haha thanks :P
      That was such a sleep-deprived ramble. I am quite proud of it ;-)
      Yeah you would think someone so cool wouldn't come to MTV Awards, but he does it for his fans.

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