Saturday 4 December 2010

He looked like the love thoughts of women

So, the Sexiest Man Alive thing is out again, coinciding with this rather wonderful quote I found and put as the title. This is my own little list of faaaiiiinnneee men (actors only). I made it under 40...just so that I put pics of people other than Johnny Depp..

Tom Sturridge- though he is practically a beggar, god does he look good....
Ryan Gosling- My earthquake man, I can never get enough...
Andrew Garfield- Pretty darn perfect
Daniel Radcliffe- 'Cuz being funny does matter.
Ian Somerhalder- Them eyes...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt- adorable till the end of days. Love his smile!

Matthew Goode- Brits make me go high
Leonard Di Caprio- He is my Jack and my Romeo
Jensen Ackles- I like manly men...sometimes
James McAvoy- The accent kills me.
Ewan Mcgregor- He's brilliant!
Jesse Eisenberg- I love Nerds

Of course I missed out someone...who??



    Hi RUTH!! You're all over the place!! Little Miss Popular!!
    <3 Rachel

  2. Call me shallow-but Ewan McGregor is the only one I agree with.

  3. That's sarcasm isn't it? I forgot so many people. Louis Garrel, Daniel Bruhl, Ed Westwick, Jake Gyllenhaal and Adrien Brody!! Iliana, Benicio is 43 :(