Saturday 16 October 2010

"At some point in our lives, we all want to be a Superhero" ~ Kick-Ass

So as one can see, I clearly adore this film. Superhero noir is becoming one of the best up and coming genres of today. Kick-Ass is an ideal example for that. It's a semi-realistic look into the existence of super-heroes in this world.

Dave Lizewski is a normal invisible teenage boy who out of optimism and naivity, and obviously a lot of comics, decides that he would become a superhero and save people. However, at his first attempt he gets stabbed in the stomach and run over by a car. He gets metal plates inside him as a result, making him a psuedo-Wolverine. This only excites him more and in his day-saving, he stops a gang from hurting a man while other kids record it. This video becomes an Internet sensation and Kick-Ass a youth icon.

Meanwhile, an ex-police officer Damon Macready has been preparing his young daughter Mindy in combat skills to avenge the death of his wife from the underworld lord Frank D'Amico. They are the suoerhero duo Big Daddy and Hit Girl. They do a lot of damage, but Frank believes that it was the work of Kick-Ass. After killing a random kid dressed as Kick-Ass, his son Chris comes up with the idea that he would become a superhero in order to gain Kick-Ass' trust. So he becomes Red Mist. Both he and Kick-Ass meett and go to a place where an ambush is waiting for Kick-Ass but Big Daddy already destroys the place. It is then that the goons realise that Kick-Ass is an innocent kid and the main "hero" is Big Daddy.

While Dave is being Kick-Ass, he has also become closer to the prettiest girl in school Katie Deuxma, however it is because she thinks he is gay. After meeting Hit Girl and Big Daddy, he starts feeling like a fake and decides to give up being Kick-Ass. But first he goes and tells Katie because "Spiderman and not Peter Parker gets the girl." Katie is angry at first but then she forgives him and they secretly start going out. In all of this Dave had sort of forgotten his masked identity and when he check's Kick-Ass' MySpace page he sees that Red Mist wants to meet him. Red Mist tells Kick-Ass that they need help and should meet Big Daddy and Hit Girl. But like before this too is a trap and Kick-Ass and Big Daddy get caught.

There is a live public unmasking of them posted online and while everyone watches both get beaten to pulp by a bunch of goons. However as they are to be set on fire Hit Girl intervenes and kills all of the kidnappers. However a fire does get lit, as a result of which Big Daddy dies. It is then that Hit Girl decides to take revenge and with the help of Kick-Ass, attacks Frank D'Amico's house.

I'm not going to tell the ending though the pictures seem self-explanatory. I love the real world aspect of Kick-Ass, the fact that none of the super-heroes are actually endowed with super-human powers. There is a lot of cursing and blood and fighting and it really is not a kid-friendly film. It is very well made and some of the scenes are plain genius. The soundtrack too compliments this type of a film. Mika's "Kick-Ass" is brill!

My favourite character is that of Hit Girl because she is the best ass-kicking character ever. Her lines are as brilliant as her gun/kinfe/any other weapon skills. She is played by Chloe Moretz who generally plays an adorable little girl in  fiilms but in this one was a total bad-ass. My next favourite character is Red Mist who is played by Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse. He is funny and violent and geeky. I lve how much he tries to be a part of his father's "gang". Aaron Johnson as Dave/Kick-Ass is pretty good too. I never expected the hot Brit to play a role like this, but he was pretty convincing. I like his simplicity and goodness. Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy is pretty awesome too.

It is a very innovative-type of superhero movie, a trend that has started from Batman Begins. Highly entertaining and a must watch for anyone who doesn't mind violence and loves their Superheroes.

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  1. It has a lot of gory, bloody violence to keep you entertained, but the story starts to fall by the last act, and you can't help but think you've seen this same story somewhere else.