Friday, 7 January 2011

A Message to Leo

      So I have been having a discussion with my friends on Facebook about who should win Best Film Oscar this year, with me obviously supporting The Social Network. But while I was typing something about Inception, I realised that Leonardo DiCaprio has never made a happy film. So I went on Wikipedia to check. This is what I found (major roles only):

1. This Boy's Life- sorta mental. Physically abused.
2. What's Eating Gilbert Grape- Developmental disability.
3. The Quick and the Dead- Dead
4. The Basketball Diaries- Depressed. Junkie
5. Total Eclipse- Dead
6. Romeo + Juliet- Famously Dead
7. Marvin's Room- Arsonist
8. Titanic- Dead *sniff*
9.The Man in the Iron Mask- Evil/Nice. Didn't die.
10. Celebrity- Mental celebrity.
11. The Beach- Not dead. Weird film though.
12. Catch Me if You Can- goes mental towards the end, but recovers
13. Gang's of New York- Didn't die, but killed loads.
14. The Aviator- goes mad in the end/ slightly mad throughout if you ask me.
15. Blood Diamond- Dead
16. The Departed- Dead
17. Body of Lies- not dead.
18. Revolutionary Road- Wife dead. Goes kooky.
19. Shutter Island- Wife dead. Mad. Dead.
20. Inception- Wife dead. He's probably mad. Depressed.

       I see a pattern. He's mostly ended up dead or mental. The only explanation for this I can think of is that Miley Cyrus wants to marry him, and the asylum or the cemetery must be the only place to escape from her, and her awful awful voice.

"I mean, she's actually evil. Not high school evil."

All I can say is that please Leo, please, PLEASE do happy film in which you don't die. You Are the King of the World!


  1. What ever you thought boys are like throw it out the window. What I thought the man was doing had a lot to do with his career opportunities. What's wrong with looking into serious rolls that have a lot to do with every day life. Your not doing what was thought of when looking into what he thought of as an honest opportunity for career expansion you were s.o.l.

  2. First of all, what does s.o.l. mean??

    Anyways, I'm not trying to demean him in any way. I love his films, honest to God and he's played some of my most favourite characters to date. But after Shutter Island and Inception, in which his character was basically the same, I just wish he would like to try out other type of roles. And one genre he really hasn't dabbled in is comedy, or even a romcom. All other greats do these sort of roles as well.

    The Miley Cyrus reference is only to insult her. Mrs. Caprio- horseshit!

  3. I thought that was funny once I saw it pointed out - like you say, they're all good roles, he's certainly proved his worth. Maybe a lighter role would be a nice change for him haha - I reckon he'd be great in comedy!!

    I have a Stylish Blogger Award for you on my blog if you'd like to take it :P