Monday, 17 January 2011

"I Am Your Father"~ Pragya Kaul

        So it's my bestfriend Pragya's birthday today, and since I haven't gotten any time to buy her a gift yet, for now I want to dedicate a blogpost to her..
        So I thought and I thought. I know of certain types of films she likes, but I'm not going to write a review on them as again no time. I have decided to make a list of her favourite male characters ever. Why? Because she is a girl, and they're awesome.

1) Oliver Wood-  I confess I never noticed him since Pragya pointed him out and his accent. Scots FTW!

2) Legolas- I love it how we both find Orlando Bloom completely useless except as the gorgeous blond-haired elf.

3) Nicholas Devereaux- The best man Pragya has ever liked. Nicholas will always be the prince charming.

4) Disney Princes- You know you love them Pragya.


5) Merry and Pippin- They're the best bestfriends ever (also all the other male LOTR characters).

  6) Kevin Doyle- I remember the telephone claims that he is the most perfect man in the world.

7) Murtagh- In all fairness, he was an honourable character. Still don't like Garrett Hedlund though.

8) Sam Hall- He was brilliant, and a very integral part in making The Day After Tomorrow epic.

9) Draco Malfoy- He's fabulous.
(And other HP characters you like)

So I really tried to make it a 10-man post, but couldn't. If I've missed anyone I'm sorry.

The Other Loves of Your Life

Just Kidding! Happy Birthday Dahlin, and have a lovely 17th!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pragya KaulJanuary 17, 2011

    But STEVEN FINN!!!!! my heart melts at the sight of him.

    Thankyou love.

  2. Pragya KaulJanuary 17, 2011

    OH! OH!
    I just noticed. They put John Smith instead of John Rolfe for Pocahontas.Dumbshits.

  3. The Disney prince one made me laugh so hard.