Friday, 8 October 2010


So I was thinking why I did not put Empire State of Mind in my top videos list, and figured it's because I do not like the fact that it goes from black and white to coloured in the end. I used to think, in a complete non-racist way, that black people look better in B&W than white people. But then I realised that though generally everyone looks better in B&W, there are some people who truly stand-out and are striking when in B&W, even moreso than in colour sometimes.

So here's a list of people who are just gorgeous when stripped off of all colour:

  • Whoopi Goldberg- I saw this picture and just couldn't stop looking at it. It's so powerful.

  • The Beatles- I love their black and white pictures! With the dapper suits and the hairdos, no one ever looked this cute in B&W like the Fab Four.

  • Ralph Fiennes- Though Amon Goth was a horrible person with a ponch, he had the most stiking face. Love.


  • Grace Kelly- One of the most beautiful women who ever lived. The fairytale princess with a tragic ending, Grace truly signified her name.


  • Bob Dylan- I personally find him one of the smartest, sexiest and most stylish men ever. His B&W pictures, even those of Cate Blanchett as him, are marvelous as hell!

  • Cate Blanchett- She can pull off Katherine Hepburn, Bob Dylan and Galadriel. She is one of the most stunning actresses of today, truly symbolising the old Hollywood glamour with brilliant acting skills. Queen Cate is just sublime.


  • Djimon Honsou- I think he's a fantastic actor. This picture of him makes me think that he's the real man of steel. It's enticing.

  • Meryl Streep- I remember watching her first shot in Manhattan and falling in love with her. However the thing with Meryl is as she grows older, her looks seem to grow too. It's a true heart's desire to be as ravishing as her when I get old.

  • Sam Riley- I watched Control and absolutely fell in love with him. Kill me but I think he actually looks better than Ian Curtis. He has such a B&W face.


  • Renee French- I think I love her. It would be a dream to live in B&W, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and looking like that. Exquisite.


  • James Stewart- He was fantastic and refined and grand and simply splendid. Plus he looked like that. What a man!

  • Winona Ryder- Ever since Lydia in Beetlejuice, Winona has played many dark roles, but all with her twist. She is amazing and alluring and I really hope that she makes a comeback she deserves.

  • Tom Sturridge- He is mesmeric. I love him. 'Nuff said.

  • Marilyn Monroe- She's a sex symbol, a star, legend. Marilyn can even work a potato sack. However the most captivating pictures by this beauty have only been shot in B&W.

Hope you liked it :P

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