Friday, 8 January 2010


Is it me or the world completely sucks.
Albert Einstein proved he was a genius when he said, ‘A question sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy.

But truthfully, no offence to Albert, we all are completely bonkers. I am bloody seventeen. I am young, smart, energetic...well not so much, but still; I have my entire life ahead of me…The world is my oyster it seems. Well I have something to say about this oyster- IT IS EFFING ROTTEN. My future doesn’t seem bright as I cannot see myself being anything apart from the pitiful me.

Alvey Singer, the character made famous by Woody Allen in Annie Hall once said to the divine Annie, “The world is divided into two types of people- the horrible and the miserable. The horrible are the blind etc, to whom dreadful things have happened. Everyone else, like me and you, we are miserable. So you must always be thankful that you are a miserable person and not horrible.” This isn’t a direct quote but is almost the same. But my point is the horrible-miserable thing. When my mother or some old aunty-relative of mine in India sits and tells me about how I should be thankful for life as people are much worse-off…this doesn’t mean I am not miserable.

I recently watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It’s cute and a complete chick-flick, which is the genre which always leaves me feeling all happy and mushy inside. But not this time. After watching Angus, I felt depressed and suicidal.

Why, one might ask? I’ll give Five Reasons:

(This is comparing Georgia Nicholson’s, the protagonist and my life)

1)       Georgia’s parents were from the Stone Age- My parents are from the Indian Islamic Stone Age- which by the way is soooo primitive that the normal Stone Age is Minority Report-cool in comparison.
2)     Georgia’s parents did not let her have a life as theirs was over- My parents have never ever ever ever, since the Indian Islamic Stone Age, had a life and they intend and make sure I continue the family tradition.
3)     Georgia’s sister was crazy- My brother has redefined crazy. He is an advanced stage of crazy. Jack Nicholson should study crazy from my brother.
4)     Georgia’s nose is the size of Jupiter- Well, I’ll say likewise for once.
5)     Georgia said she will never get a boyfriend but gets a sex-god bassist boy-friend in the end who holds her hand and walks with her to school- Forget the boyfriend part, my school is too far away for me to walk with anyone. And the sex-god part is a laugh!

It was a good movie though. Gurinder Chadda has such a thing for gora, blue-eyed sex-gods. Also the music was adorable.

Not the point though. I mean Georgia is a 14 year-old and the way she spoke about her life made me think of myself as a pathetic, filthy, old hag. My whole point is that my life sucks. I will almost commit suicide except that I have not had a life to end. What I do, and well I guess most of us do is survive- not live. It’s terrible. Endangered animals survive. Not humans.

Life is a beautiful thing. Poets, painters, singers- they have all paid tribute to life. It is only through their works that I, we survive. I mean imagine it’s the future and aliens come to our planet to experience ‘life’ by what they have heard about our ‘way of living’ through all these pieces of art. They’ll come and truly ‘live our way’ and then realise that they have been SCREWED!

Well, they will at least have the option to go back. We keep hoping but nothing ever happens. I guess it is the continuous crushing of all our hopes and dreams that makes life a Survivor competition. “Dream on till your dreams come true.” I try, but it’s hard.


  1. nikhat.....i have to do ocmmerce...but i cant get of ur blogg...!! srry for not commenting before....

    but well i loveeee youu kuz i feel like ur exactllyy meee!!....or even a much better version of me :D

    u rite extremely well....nd i luurrveee this particular article...since i feel the same exact way..

    love ur blog...i cant emphasis more on that fact...i hadnt read it completely.....until today...nd i luv it! :D

  2. btw the above is me...tinaa!!

  3. Nice name dahlin...and thanks!!!